Sunny-Side Up: In Defense of Eggs

Since many of us have found eggs to be an ideal diabetic food, I thought this article titled "Sunny-Side Up: In Defense of Eggs" might be of interest. The article discusses the various often conflicting opinions concerning cholesterol in general and egg consumption in particular.

The article quotes MIT researcher and senior scientist Stephanie Seneff who is conducting research on cholesterol:

"The research Seneff and her team are working on is a complete reevaluation of our understanding of cholesterol and its role. It's a fairly complex biological process but put simply, Seneff believes that the build up doctors find in arteries is "cholesterol trapped in the wrong place," or cholesterol trapped in the plaque. The reason it's trapped in the plaque is because the LDL is damaged from excess sugar in the blood. As a result of our highly processed, starchy, sugary diets, many Americans have excess blood sugar. Once the sugar has damaged the LDL it cannot go back to the liver where the cholesterol would be processed and recycled back into the body. The plaque then builds up in the arteries, where it "waits for the opportunity to become cholesterol sulfate, which all of the body's systems need,' Seneff says. "The bottleneck is the sulfate. Cholesterol needs sulfate to be mobile. The damage then is a consequence of lack of cholesterol and lack of sulfate.'"

So the problem may be high blood sugars and lack of sulfur, not eggs and other foods containing cholesterol. The ideal solution may be a low carb diet, which also tends to be rich in sulphur rich foods like broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, kale and animal proteins.

Very interesting. It appears that sugars and things that turn to sugars quickly are more damaging than we ever knew. I had to sit through a dinner last night in which desert was apple pie and BlueBell Homemade Vanila Ice Cream.. Having gone thru these last 6 months I didn't miss it at all. Amazing what we can do when we have to do it.

I used to live in France and admired French old people, never fat; old women so slim. I was observing their cuisine and it is full of animal fat, meat very often with fat, sauces based on butter, cheeses contain 45-60% fat, and so on. You can say "this is a crime"
But: French women live the longest in Europe(86 avarage) and French have the highest cholesterol in Europe. Today I read and listen scientists and doctors who report statistics of the last years that" there is not and never was connection between cholesterol and heart disease and other sins which cholesterol was charged of...

Good article. Thanks for posting. I eat 2 or 3 eggs daily & have for years. I'm fortunate to get very fresh local eggs from happy, healthy chickens who eat well. My lipid profile was its worse when I was vegetarian.

Until recently, thanks to the fat phobia, humans ate predominantly saturated fat, which is needed for hormones, nerves, healthy skin, etc.

Great link trenia, thank you. Love your story about France too!

I haven't read the article, but have no fear of cholesterol in eggs. After all I digest the many eggs I eat. I tend to have only a cup of bouillon for lunch as I'm trying hard to get my weight down ["sensible" eating doesn't work for me] On my very low food diet, I NEED protein and FAT. I find I can keep active and slowly shed some weight this way

I read a French study, which showed that post menopausal women need a MINIMUM cholesterol of 4.

interesting data from experiments,part 3 on saturated fat

When I began eating lots of protein (meat, eggs, dairy) and stopped eating carbs, my total cholesterol dropped 60 or 70 points. LDL and triglycerides dropped like a rock and HDL went up. The last time it was checked the total was 148. The time before that it was 123, and the difference between the two was mostly an increase in HDL. That speaks for itself. Case closed as far as I am concerned.

congratulation on your patience and determination.your rsults as you say spead for themselves. I am still a beginner(2 months on dr B diet) but have all the time problems with old thinking that meat needs to be accompanied by vegetables. My diet has ,I am afraid, no variety and might be a lack of vitamins or so. I will see. What do you have for a snack between big meals? I am very often hungry, and OI am not sure if it is right to eat chocolate or nuts etc. Appreciate your experience, dear friends.

I too think meat needs vegetables, but I have LOADS of them, mainly green leaves, including masses of salads. I also have salads without meat. I had Greek Salad for lunch today. I find my fairly high fat diet prevents hunger.
Chocolate is OK if low sugar. the sugar free kinds sold here in the Uk usually have sorbitol and that's likely to have nasty effects on the gut. I buy the dark, low sugar/high cocoa solid kind and have ONE square EVERY evening. I also keep low carb nuts around. Luckily I've habituated myself to not needing to feel full, so I manage well on small portions. It doesn't take long to get used to small portions and I suspect most hunger is psychological rather than physiological. I'm Rarely hungry, but Ido get the "munchies", which Ihave to resist. Ifind a hot drink helps here. I make a bouillon of yeast extract, which works well. I've been following Bernstein principles since 2003 and keep my a1c in tthe 5s on minimal Metformin. I'm still trying to lose more weight, which should help even more.

thanks Hana ,your answer is very helpful and supportive

By volume veggies are by far the biggest part of my diet, I just stay away from the starchy ones. Like Hana, I eat a lot of salads or coleslaw with meat, many times 2x per day. Good snacks are cheese, nuts, berries(strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries) and pork rinds. I find chocolate that is 70% cocoa or more doesn't cause a spike, even though it contains sugar. I usually eat 2 squares with some nuts. I think the fat in the nuts and the chocolate cause the sugar to be absorbed at a rate my pancreas can handle. I also eat my berries with with nuts, again the fat is probably a plus as far as blood sugar is concerned.

what a rich spectrum to my diet! I love the idea of chocolate and nuts, berries are so great, Thanks Bad Moon, from now on I would feel like at my birthday party!Thanks Bad Moon for a birthday present!You are so good for me,thank you.

You're welcome Trenia. Just remember to check any items you add to your diet with your meter to see how your blood sugar is reacting. Because we are all different, in the end this is the only way to know. I think variety is the best way to stay on our diets long term.

I just bought a BIG bag of Brussells Sprouts from my local butcher/greengrocer. I LOVE these and they are very filling. We'll have them with Chicken Kiev for dinner tonight.
Brussells are carb free.

I think the same , variety and testing. I try to put to my dinner some of species, especially indian like tumeric, kumin,coriander,garlic,fennel,mustard, fenugreek,ginger,then I add some yougurt and the meal is excelent. The worst for me are visits in the city where there are plenty of caffees and cake shops, sometimes when I see a beautiful cake I stop thinking and my brain turns off.

Hana, what a great news for me, brussells sprouts, with butter and lemon, mniam mniam which means very tasty

Hana, where did you read that Brussells Sprounts are carb-free? I have a shelf full of food count books and all of them show substantial carb content for Brussells Sprouts. My scales with built-in databases say the same thing. Finally, when I eat them, my BG rises by just the amount that the books indicate it should.

I would like to see the source for that statement.