Suport group topics

i recently stared a diabetes teenage support group in my area i need help to choose topics. anybody got any ideas?? :P thakns everyone!!!!!!!

Good for you for starting a group, Sara Louise! I started a type 1 women's group and it has grown and is a great bunch of women! My suggestion is to ask the group to make a list of topics that are important to them. You can then discuss them when you meet and maybe ask people who were particularly interested in that topic to facilitate that discussion. I find that groups work best when they are a mix of what the group members themselves really want.

I would focus on acceptance of the disease as well as understanding how to feel "normal." When I was a teen Type 1, it would have been a godsend. Thanks for doing this.

I agree with Zoe. Additionally, pass out paper to ask them to write who they'd suggest as a person to invite to speak once in a while. Whoever does should know this is gratis.

thank you all so much for your suggestions!! :D

A few topics that might be helpful/relevant:

  • How do deal with diabetes in various social situations (i.e., hanging out with friends, parties, alcohol, etc). I think there are lots of situations that diabetes can be a pretty big deal but for which parents and endos don't really prepare kids.
  • How to deal with diabetes on the job. The teenage years are when many kids start their first job. They will need to know their rights as well as how to handle diabetes in a way that minimizes the impact on whatever they chose to do.
  • How to take an active role in your own health care. The teen years are a weird time for diabetes. Many kids are starting to really transition into caring for their diabetes "full time." But some don't yet have the knowledge about how to do things like schedule doctors' appointments, deal with insurance, or refill prescriptions.

These are just some practical/functional topics that teens might find helpful. But I agree with others that having the teens suggest topics would also be good.

A topic that is often over looked, " How Diabetes effects loved ones"

I would say it is very important to hear what other members suggest. A good support group ought to encourage a dialogue and having everyone feel included in what is being discussed would all but guarantee this.

Good Luck!