Brochure aimed at 16-19 year olds

For a school project I’m writing a brochure that will be used by a local agency that deals primarily with underprivileged adolescents in my local area. It is a normal tri-fold front and back (single sheet) brochure. I’m wondering, what would be some good topics to hit on for type 1 adolescents? I didn’t have diabetes in my teens so I’m not sure how they feel about it. I’m thinking about concentrating on cheap nutrition (healthy convenience store food, etc) or concentrating on physical activity (managing sugars in sporting activities).

I’d appreciate everyone’s thoughts on this over the next couple of days. Since the organization will actually use these brochures I want them to turn out well (not just good enough for a grade).

Hmm, maybe point out some resources - websites, support groups where they can find info or people to talk to about diabetes.
-transitioning to adult diabetes care
-issues around BG and drugs/alcohol use
-resources re: sexual health
-info on where to look for work, school and scholarships and where to go if they feel that their diabetes is a problem in finding/keeping a job

how to deal with stress, the SATs were bad enough without having to worry about my bloodsugars the whole time

I think that you should engage them with the fact that it’s challenging to deal with diabetes but that can prepare them for dealing with other challenges? I’d avoid convenience store food though, anything you can buy @ a convenience store, you can get cheaper at a grocery store. If it’s farther to walk, hey, you get exercise!