Reversing Diabetes Neuropathy?

Hi guys

Hope this is in the right Category

Just turned 35 a few weeks ago and a few weeks before that i started getting signs of Neropathy
always knew it would come but I kinda always thot i would be like 60 or something
how shocking considering ive always had an active relatively healthy lifestyle albeit sometimes a little too much partying

so with that and after scouring the web for info
I changed my lifestyle

Low carb diet
Lowered blood pressure
brought my Post meal BG to about 7mmol
started a litany of supplementation such as the following

Alpha Lipoic Acid 400 mg
Take Acetyl L-carnitine 600mg
EPO 1000MG
Ginseng Complex
L-Arginine 8 g
Multi-Vitamins 3 Tablets
Super B-Complex
Vitamin B-12 1000 mcg
Vitamin C
Cayenne Pepper & Garlic
Ginko and a few others

(yes my pharmacy loves me every month)

My question Is has anyone here managed to Reduce or revers the Diabetes Neropathy

Ive read that it can take months or years I just would like to hear from someone who managed to reverese it or at least minimize the symptoms?



I’ve had minimal signs of neuropathy on and off over the past several years after 36 years of D. Mostly tingling and tenderness on my right foot and the last bout was the worse but it seems to have gone away again. I have managed to get my levels way down, not as many highs or lows and I truly believe it’s due to taking Alpha Lipoic Acid. Something I just recently started. I’ve always had decent A1c, between 5 and 6. I don’t know if my sore legs, hip and achey feet are due to this or old age (I’m going to blame old age.) So I guess, for me anyway, it hardly takes any time at all to feel a difference!

Be careful with the Super-B complex.

B6 over 200 mg raises BG & impairs nerve function (so does excess Vit C supplementation)
B3 (niacin) over 200 mg can raise BG
B1 over 200 mg can inactivate insulin

Vit C can give false low readings because it reacts with the chemical in test strips.

I was diagnosed with neuropathy about 10 years ago. I had the painful type. I looked up any clinical trials i could find. They all addressed hiding the pain not fixing the problem. I did find one from Lilly. It was explianed to me that when your blood sugar goes up. Your body produces an enzyme to bring it down. This enzyme also attacks the small nerves in your feet and hands first. This experimental drug blocks this enzyme. And it worked for me!! I was on it for a year. After that I went on the pump for better control. My pain scale was about an 8 before all this, now its about a 1. This drug didnt pass phase 3 of the trials…never could find out why.
before all this I was taking L-taurine and Alpha Lipoic acid. The trial Doc’s made me stop saying it could cloud the trial drug results.

I suffered from Neuropathy for years, can’t remember how many since complications happen slowly (I’m now in my 51st year of living with D). I think it might have started when I was in my 20s, anyway later in my life I learned how to get tighter control my bs. In doing so I eventually noticed that the numbness I had in my feet for years was no more. I was in the shower and accidently turned off the cold water first and felt the burning hot water. I had read it could be reversed. It has been a few years since I realized it has been reversed (I keep my a1cs under 7% which is the standard).

I have Neuropathy in my feet. My neurologist suggested doing anodyne therapy. It is infra red light therapy. I got 95% feeling back in my feet with it. It has been proven to work.

Thanks for the heads up Gerri

My daily intake Doesn’t exceed 200mg

I sometimes think its the worlds most expensive urine

But have to admit the concoction above has alleviated some of the symptoms
especially the Night rest pain/Burning

In the early nineties my bg went poorly unattended and I developed burning pain accompanied with numbness in both feet and lower legs.I started intensive testing, gaining tighter control, then taking moderate b-vits,c, therapuetic daliy vitaminc. After a year that and using neurontin the stabbing pains in my feet slowly got better as did the burning sensations brought on by warm or cold expore. Restless legs, too. Now I have slight numbness on the sides of my little toes. I feel in I reduced the neuropathy in my legs and feet by spending much time in intensive control. It helped immensely. It can get better, Bhodisatsva, give it a little time to slowly reverse. It was near miracle for me. Best to you, Virgil

I feel the same way:) Especially with the Vit B.

Happy you’re seeing improvement.

Ya, I reversed Neuropathy in my toe and a small part of the sole of my left foot about 11 years ago. Just total numbness in those areas. Later, when I would go to sleep I used to get stabbing pains in the top of my left foot.

I had been too busy that year with so many things going on in Life, that I left my Diabetes on the sideline. Bad idea. When my Endo dxd. me with Neuropathy, I remembered that my older Brother had that Bad and I thought to myself, that I wasn’t gonna go downhill the way he had.

So I got my Life and Diabetes back in order by changing my eating and exercise habits plus testing more often and getting my sugars back into a Better area. Neuropathy just sneaks up on a Person and before they know it…Big Trouble.

I didn’t take any drugs except for extra strength Tylenol at night which eased the pain somewhat. I did hear about the Alpha Lipoic Acid plus the drugs and vitamins mentioned, years later. I always keep them in mind. Hopefully, I can keep the numbness and pain due to Diabetes, out of my Life for many years yet.

Just after dx, I had some neuropathy in my feet. My doctor put me on lyrica and I started taking alpha lipoic acid. I think I was on lyrica for about six months and then a different one (gabapentine? or something like that?) for another four, until I ran out of the prescription and realized that I wasn't having burning foot pain any more. All told, I probably had the problem for a year, and it's been over for about three years now.

I do notice now, when I'm a bit high, I can feel it in my feet, but all the feeling has come back and the burning is gone. I figured I was lucky that I could feel the pain, that it meant that I hadn't destroyed the nerve endings, just hurt them a bit.

Neuropathy comes from the nerve sheath ( covering at the end) being worn down by the higher acidity in your blood and tissues . If you get your sugars in better control your blood PH returns to normal.

The trouble is that it takes 3 months for nerves to repair themselves. It if often difficult to keep real tight control for that amount of time for some people.

When ever you have ketones in your blood, you are higher risk.
Some people don't get it at all with poor control. If you can keep your a1c down to about 6 , I think it would do more than all of the other stuff you are taking together.

The trouble is that if you do enough damage to the nerves they will not regenerate after a while , which is why some people get permanent numbness.

It is a good reminder for all of us to keep things in control, there is so much that can go wrong.