Supplements for T1 Diabetics...have you found any to be helpful?

No, I am not looking to “cure” my T1D naturally, but I am interested in any supplements or vitamins that other folks with T1D have found helpful, either for addressing complications, keeping their BGs more stable, or just staying generally healthy. I recently started taking a green food supplement (the kind you mix into a drink of your choice). I also started taking vitamin C, a B-complex supplement, and magnesium. I don’t generally take vitamins/supplements, but I do eat a very healthy diet (lots of fruits and veggies, less than 120 carbs per day on most days, organic whenever possible).

I’m a bit of a skeptic, but just want to see if any of this helps. Again, this isn’t just about D, but also about staying generally healthy. I do have moderate non-prolif retinopathy and mild neuropathy. I really, really want to stay as HEALTHY as possible in the years to come. I’m very active now and want to stay that way! Sometimes I feel like D has a ticking time bomb over my head…

I drink V8. I get a wierd, cathartic vibe if I run low and have a snort of it and read the label about the tons of vitamins. I’ve gone from 3-4 to maybe 6-7+ servings of vegatables lately, tossing in some broccoli and carrot munchies on top of regular food.

Can Try the usual…


V-D ( Get it ck’d at every blood test)

Herbvision> Luten and Bilberry for eye’s

Omega 3-6-9

Eat your Spinach> Eyes

Get Dialiated Eye Exams every 6mos…

Do your Exercises

Strive for 5% A1c’s with as few Hypo’s you can

Strive for getting up with 90’s in the Morning to start the day off right and give you the best shot at Good Control for at least 12 -16hrs a day- btwn overnite and thru Lunch.
Be a JDRF Volunteer to raise $ for a Cure…

Big Walk-For-a-Cure going on in October…Ck your local JDRF chapter

Just plan to live 5-10 yrs less and accelerate your time here…

and try to Financially Retire as early as you can…

Buy Lotto Tickets

and have you read :

Think Like a Pancrease

Using Insulin

and Dr. Bernsteins -Diabetic Solutions

I take two supplements. A multi-vitamin and omega 3 fatty acids. I think it is likely that most adults are deficient in some vitamins and I think diabetes may exacerbate it. The Omega 3 is to combat the increased risk of heart attacks that diabetics face.

I just started taking a potassium supplement. I just found out my levels are to low. :confused: