Supplies Overseas

I know some of you live outside the U.S. and are American citizens. How do you get supplies and prescriptions? I am checking our healthcare coverage and looks like we will be OK for doctors and even pharmacies, but we have to pay and then submit a claim. And meds need to be the same FDA approved ones used in the US.

I could probably just squirrel away enough pump supplies for 6 months and I have a back up pump and CGM. I could probably be self sufficient if I have enough lead time.

Thoughts? Thanks

Where are you going?

I live in France permanently, am a American citizen but registered in French Health system. Are you planning on traveling a lot of different places / or what? In France it would be pretty complicated to get all your supplies, I think. It sounds like not a bad idea to at least bring those and then have insulin prescribed but I have no idea what/ where/ etc that you are talking about. If you are European and in a European country things are easier.

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Yes, it would be France. Yes, I am an American citizen. We have excellent health coverage with BCBS fed and Tri Care (because we are ex-military also) We want to volunteer for the WWI events in Champagne. We would stay one place. For scrips I could take the train to a military facility in Germany if needed.

I also spoke with my pump supply company and they can help me find a supplier while in France.

We had an issue in Paris a while back where I ran out of test strips and had to buy a new meter and strips. We paid but were reimbursed 100% when we filed the claim.

Everything seems fine then? What pump/insulin do you use?

Here's how it happens here for me.(American citizen, living in France and registered in the French health system) I get insulin in any pharmacy with a script. I can also buy as you saw any meters or test strips. For me the Health Service reimburses the pharmacy directly. For you, I would think you would have to pay, get the bill and be reimbursed by your insurance. ( but I have no experience of that). The pump and supplies are gotten from a separate company who sends them to me (with a script)every three months. They are reimbursed also directly. They get their supplies from Medtronic or whoever.

My father, American Military, was hospitalized once in France and the Hospital sent his bill directly to his insurance company.

If you need any help while here(do you speak French?) feel free to call me or email me. No problem for a fellow citizen and " diabetic family" member. I live about 2 hours drive from Toulouse.

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