Support Group question

Do you have to be a diabetes educator to start a support group?

Not unless you wanted to say do it affiliated with a doctor’s office. There are many many forms a support group can take, from a simply social meet-up to an informal gathering where people talk about whatever they want related to their diabetes (as well as other things), to a structured group on topics, or perhaps one where you could bring in guest speakers (including a diabetes educator). As long as you don’t advertise yourself as something you are not, such as a Counselor or a Diabetes Educator, there is no reason you can’t start whatever type of group you want. I’m actually a Counselor by profession myself, but I’m in the process of trying to start a support group for Type 1 women in the SF Bay Area and am not doing it in my role as a counselor for a couple reasons: If I were to do that, I could not myself be a participant in the group and I think if people hear the group is run by a Counselor they might believe it was Therapy and avoid it. For some odd reason, starting a group seems difficult. I had one session already and nobody came. I think in part it was because I had scheduled it for Labor Day weekend, but also people are busy with their lives and I think there is sometimes a reluctance to share things in a group setting (part of our individualist culture).

THANK YOU SO MUCH! This info is very helpful! I am planning on starting one in my town, just to talk about diabetes and ocasionally have a guest speaker! And have an occasional cooking class! I will keep you posted on my results! Please do the same w/ your support group!:slight_smile:

You can do whatever you want, although you might find it useful to ally yourself with a diabetes center. I help with a local diabetes support group. I found a manual on how to run a group, if it is helpful, I can post it.

Please message it to me or post it I need all the help I could get! I live in a small town w/ only two diabetes educators and many diabetics.

Yes please let me know how it goes, Amalia. My next one is scheduled for 10/16 and I’m busy putting up flyers and posting on websites. I know plenty of diabetics are out there (I’m gearing my group to Type 1 women as that is what the JDRF who is sponsoring it feels is needed)

Here is the guide I mentioned (

ps. Your profile says you live in Brownsville, Tx. You might want to affiliate with

Thank You! I really appreciate you helping me out!

I have spoken w/ them already still waiting for approval on sponsorship. Thanks again!