Has anyone every started a Diabetic Support Group?

I check around to the support groups in my local area. ALL are during the time that I work. Its like they do not offer a support group during the time that people can be there, like a Saturday or Sunday. And, everyone at the group is much older. I did not even know about the group until I did some calling. So, how do you start a support group. Maybe this one can be for all ages, yet appeal to a younger group? Any feedback?

I have facilitated a support group for the past 20 years (boy that makes me sound old!!). I started all three of them (different communities I lived in at the time.) I’m not a healthcare provider. I’m just a PWD. I have lived in smaller towns so there were very few other T1s, so all of my groups have been a mixed age and type of diabetes.

I would gear the first meeting towards the type of diabetes you want to target. Once the group is established you can become more generic with the topics. Your hospital or county extension office may be willing partners.

I hope this helped a little. Let me know how it goes. Go for it…if I can do it you can too!!

Wow! Two years later and no more responses…seems everyone is getting their support needs met on-line! Well, I’m meeting up with 2 young women I know (one I work with, one cares for my dd at her childcare) and we’re starting a T1 support group :D. I initiated it, but just because this seems like the thing to do, considering…

Anyway, I have no preparation for it - but how can 3 t1’s not have something to talk about? I wouldn’t mind a fun ‘ice-breaker’ question or game to start us off…but we’ll also have 3 (step)children and a giant sand-“box” play area between us, so that should get us going.