Surgery and the Pod

When I had surgery they closely monitored my BG and gave me insulin in the operating room .but talk to your Endo and the surgery staff .

When I had hand surgery I was using minimed522 and it’s CGM. I left both on and reduced my basal. I am going in for a angiogram after the holiday and am now using the omnipod and dexcom. I will insist of keeping it conected.
Good luck!!!

For my last few t slice ‘n dice (yes - like the K-tel commericial) - subcutaneous mastectomy / reconstruction. I was put on an IV drip with insulin in it. I’m presuming they were monitoring my BG’s along with other things that they do when you are out. I know when I came out of surgery, I rehooked up to my juice of life, as I had requested that I take care of my diabetes myself during the 3 days recovery. That is often where BG’s will go abit wacky as your body goes thru’ the healing process. I have to admit the RN’s really diid not have much knowledge with a diabetic on insulin / pump - as well as language probs didn’t help (I don’t converse very well in French). Along with the fact that many RN’s are used to dealing with T2’s on pills/diet. We insulin pumping gals / boys are still a rarity.

Good luck my friend!

Thank you so much for your imput. We discuss many diabetes related topics here; but this one doesn’t come up often.

I remember when she had some type of cosmetic surgery and after that she started downhill as I said. She had to have a leg amputated and appeared on tv after that. Now maybe she did have cancer but I remember D being responsible for her death.

It was the Merv Griffin show that she often appeared. I remember seeing her one time when she mentioned having some type of cosmetic surgery and saying dr. told her not to take her insulin. I’m just glad I can remember LOL.

Ok…I’ve done some researching on this. She had had breast cancer; but the cause of death is isted as diabetes complications–a pulmonary emboli.