Surgery with the pod

Hi am having surgery next week still don't know if I'll have to discount or not I think I'll be fine and better if I stay connected. What ate your thoughts and experience. The surgery s on my foot and is just an 1hr long so. Let me know?

It will largely depend on your doctor and his comfort level, but I would think that for a foot surgery, as long as it is on your upper body somewhere, you would be fine wearing it. As long as it is not in the surgical area or the area that has to be prepped, it should be oaky. I was allowed to wear mine on my back while I had a c-section. I also wear the Dexcom and the anesthesiologist held my receiver for me to monitor me. But in the end, it will be up to your doctor.

Hi. I had ankle surgery back in 2007...two plates and nine screws put in. The doctor wanted me off the pump and I had a perfect a1c and I told them if they could do my basal rates on a drip to go for it or they could forget it..i was wearing it. I wore it and my bg never went above 120 during surgery...they were shocked and happy. If you do keep it on, make sure you monitor you blood sugar and report it to them. That is what i did. I was on a iv sugar drip and when it went to 140, i paged the doctor, told him the number and told him to lower it. It went back to problems. Make sure your doctor is willing to work with you and has trust in your abilities. I dont know what everyone else thinks but that is my take when i went through surgery and I was on the mini med at the I am on the pod...

I've wondered about this myself. I've had two surgeries before while on MDI (Frozen shoulder) and was asked to 1/2 my long acting insulin on the injection just before surgery. Both times I hit almost 500 on BG! Not fun.

typically it depends on your Dr AND the facility rules of where you are having surgery etc. I have fought and won, and fought and lost that battle multiple times. Typically when I lose, they completely screw up my sugar level for me and I eventually convince them to allow me to control it all by myself on a regular diet. I am allergic to artificial sweeteners so I can NOT be placed on a so called diabetic diet when every one insists on putting me on.

I had to leave one hospital because the uneducated fools would not listen to me even after more than a week of BGs over 200 under THEIR control. I feel like I am in the middle of of the ancient woods when I go to a hospital around here. No one with a recent education of diabetes is around, the only licensed endocrinologist in my area back then ended up being arrested multiple times for being a coke addict and was completely untrustworthy. So, it varies by where you live and the education level of any specific physician you wind up with.

Try your best to educate them a bit, and likely you can convince them to listen to you. If not, then do not allow them to force you to stay under their control for very long or you will likely end up with a very screwed up A1c after their so called care.

Ok thanks I had 2 other foot surgery's done in the last year and a half when I was still on the ping. Both had me disconnect giving me lantise both times after my auger was higher the 2nd the worse. I just wanted any tips still being new to the pod still less then a month in

I am having a full knee replacement on Monday…pod stays on as far as I know.
It stayed on when I had meniscus surg …