Help! My 7 yr old is having oral surgery tomorrow at 5pm. They said he can’t eat anything after 12pm. Also,after surgery he will not be able to eat. What should I do???

Is he on MDI or the pump - if he is pumping - I would guess you should suspend the basal rate for the period of time that he should not eat. Or if not suspend - lower it. Not exactly the same but 2 days ago my DD had a stomach virus and refused to eat for almost 24 hours. We gave her NO insulin. She is 7 and was dx this summer and her insulin needs are really low - but I would think that you will likely have to lower his insulin.

Also - does the dentist/surgeon know he is D? He should have had some sort of suggestions as to how to handle it. I would have a glucagon on hand just incase.

Good luck

Hi is on MDI. I had informed the doctor of his diabetes and thus got the instructions for nothing to eat or drink after noon. Thanks so much for this valuable advice! I will have the glucagon.

Hi, my daughter just had a procedure in that she had to be on a clear liquid diet the day prior and had to fast until 10am or so the day of. Her Endo advised us how to lower her basal rates for the pump and we checked her BG more frequently. We kept the Glucagon on hand and during the time that she was able to drink, we gave her apple juice to bring up any lows. Is he able to eat semi-solid foods after the surgery, or not at all?
I pray all goes well!

Hi Jessica, they said he can have clear liquids after the surgery. Thanks so much for your advice!

Hello~ Glad he could have the clear liquids after surgery. How did it go?

Everything went well. His BG was surprisingly good! He is now eating soft foods. Recovering well. Thanks so much!