Looking at surgery

Seems that I am having issues with my gall bladder. Only 20% of my food is getting through it. After three days it comes back up unless I only drink my food. I’m concerned because I haven’t had surgery sins being diabetic.

The only problem I have is with the overnight fast before surgery. I recommend that you make sure your surgeon knows that you are diabetic and to schedule your surgery as early in the day as possible. I also recommend that you wait until the last minute and eat a snack before you go to bed. I would rather be 200 going into surgery than 20. Of course being low is no big deal. Once they have you on an IV they can give you glucose and bring it up. Relax, you will be fine.

Thank you. That makes me fill better. It seems like a lot of people are having their gall bladders out these days.

I had a procedure last year (fixing umbilical hernia...) and got in really early in the day, even though I am fairly healthy, no particular "issues" I suspect that diabetes is enough. I felt badly b/c my dad had something done and didn't get to go until like 3:00 PM!

I wouldn't want to be 20 but I would speculate that a bit lower may be ok as I think that most people, as long as basal is set correctly and you don't have any IOB (ha ha, that's always the trick!), surgery will raise bg, like other traumas.

I had my gallbladder out, I was on oral meds when first DX'ed then went off them after bringing my a1c down to a great number. after having surgery I had to go back on ( not because of the surgery) What i discovered is that the oral meds were no longer effective as they suppress the liver function> which by the way will now have to take over for the gall bladder. I noticed that some of my other meds were not being digested as well as some of my foods which was bringing my sugars up, I chose to drop the oral meds and go on insulin, things are much better now. What happened to me, according to the pharmacist, is rare but it does happen, so just be aware!

Hi, have you been tested for gastroparesis?