Changing from Lantus to Levemir

Hi All

I am changing from Lantus to Levemir . I was looking for some advice with my timing and dosage as my doctor prescribed it but never told me what to do ! Okay so I take 10 units or Lantus twice daily at 10pm and 8am. All advice appreciated. Also Im 65kgs

Tnx ! :)

Levemir has a somewhat shorter duration of action, but with a split dose, it should not be noticible at all. Levemir and Lantus has the same basic strenght. One reference I found suggests that you use the same dosing although some people may need adjustments of dosages depending upon your individual conditions.

No matter what you do, you should monitor your waking number and number before dinner and make appropriate adjustments up or down in your morning and evening injections respectively. You could see how you do for a few days or a week and then make a 5% adjustment (1/2 unit).

hello char8833! i changed from lantus to levemir a couple of months back because lantus hurt after injecting. i found that on lantus i was well covered all day with one injection in the evening, between 9-10 pm.
i started levemir doing the same thing, using the same dosage (2 units). the dose was not enough and when i added another 2 units in the morning, things were back to normal. i had to double my dose (horrified at first) and switch to two injections from one. i am a lot happier with two pain free shots than the one achy one.
good luck!

Hi Char8833. I changed from Lantus to Levemir because the Lantus gave me a constant headache. I started with using the same number of units, but in time I found I needed to gradually decrease it. I don't know whether the need to decrease was due to the type of insulin or to my changing needs, but it's just a fact that we're always tweaking doses anyway.

tHAnks everyone !! Also what is the changover procedure do I stop taking Lantus for 24 hrs and just put up with the highs ?

i took my last lantus dose one night and the next night started with the same number of units with levemir. when i didnt see good results, i upped the dosage and then finally changed from one shot to two.