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I was looking into switching to an insulin pump, when I found the tudiabetes site. After lots of reading, I decided against a pump, but through this site was introduced to Tresiba. I asked for the switch at my Endo visit in August. I had been using 18U Levimer and about 6U Humolog a day, in addition to the max dosage of Metformin (850mg 3x daily). As a side, I am a small person, with no weight issues, and my A1C is very good. Currently I’m using only Tresiba (18U daily) and Metformin. Since changing over, I have only used the short acting insulin once, and it messed me up. I don’t think the intended use for Tresiba is to override the use of short acting insulin, but it’s working for me! I hated the lack of spontaneity, and now only have to have my Metformin with me, if I end up eating away from home.

We were just in Canada, and I looked into purchasing Tresiba there. No one carried it yet! However, the last pharmacist that I spoke with looked it up, and they should have it available in a month or so. Don’t know about the cost. Plan to use the Tresiba coupon here as long as I can, which beats my co-pay.

Anyway, I’ve found tudiabetes to be most helpful, so just wanted to return a little feedback.


Are you recently diagnosed? I’m thinking you’re enjoying some home-brewed insulin that helps with your meals. Good luck with the Tresiba. I used it for five months last year and found it to be a viable option when disconnecting from the pump. When I did it last year, it was my first significant pump disconnect in 29 years.

No, I was diagnosed in 2010, and Dr. Bernstein was my first Endo. So, I maintain a very low carb diet, and yes, if I drink wine with dinner, it helps:}


As someone newly diagnosed, you were extraordinarily fortunate to have Bernstein as your first endo. I’m envious. [imagine green jealous emoji here]

Fascinating that the Tresiba appears somehow to be obviating the need for mealtime insulin. That’s a new one. But then diabetes is nothing if not an inexhaustible source of surprises.

Glad you’re doing so well. Good job! And thanks for being part of our community and sharing your experience!

Yes, I was fortunate to read The Diabetes Solution when I was diagnosed,
and decide that I wanted to go there. It provided a strong foundation for
my understanding and treatment, and an equally strong disdain for the ADA
and their practices.

I think the Tresiba works better for me than Levemir. Maybe if I had
increased Levemir, I would have gotten away without bolus injections.
However, I still take 850mg Metformin at mealtimes. But my glucose is more
consistent and level on the Tresiba than Levemir. The Metformin helps with
that too.

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Woo hoo! Finally.

I switched to Tresiba early this year after using Lantus since I was diagnosed in 2010. I love it. I have fewer lows and those I do have seem to come on much slower and with better awareness.

But the thing I found the most interesting in switching was that I needed to reduce my typical Humalog dose by at least one unit consistently and across the board. This phenomenon continues even now. You are the first person who has said they had a similar experience. I have looked for and asked for that feedback, but no one else said they had that same experience. Until you.

What you are explaining does not surprise me after my experience with Tresiba. And also, the fact that you eat low-carb as you do. Even on Lantus I was able to go as long as two weeks a couple times without using any Humalog. That was early in my experience, I was close to a no carb diet and I ate specifically to my meter. Every time I had food my goal was to eat food that would cause me not to need insulin. So, yes, I can see how this could be happening for you now. Congratulations.

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I switched to Tresiba last year. Loved it, in terms of blood sugar control. But my weight has been going up up up. I then have done quite a bit of reading. While some people had no problem with weight on tresiba, others do report weight gain (with no other changes in diet, activity level, etc).

Recently, I had to switch back to levemir (I got pregnant, but recently lost it), and I think I will stay with levemir for a while and see if I can get my weight down again…

I think I remember reading about lower overall insulin requirements on Tresiba. That, along with more level blood sugars are what enticed me. It’s a great combination with Metformin, for me:)

Hi Randy,
A few years ago, my weight was climbing upward, which in kind of unusual for me. I was up to 30 units of insulin a day. I asked my doctor then, to try Metformin along with insulin. This helped to get my weight back to normal as well as reduce my daily insulin requirements. (At first lots, then not as much after a while.) But my weight has stayed normal. My current endo, thinks Metformin is the best drug of all time, as it has many antioxidant benefits, as well as its intended use for blood sugar control. It also helps to keep my blood sugars lots more level when exercising! If you check into it, be aware that it lowers vitamin B12 in your body, for which you might need to supplement.