Symlin/ Amylin/ Pramlintide in Canada?

I was just diagnosed with type 1 eight weeks ago a month short of my 17th birthday. Lately I have been really interested in getting on Symlin. I'm pretty sure that this drug is not currently available in Canada at present and was wondering how I would go about getting it? Do I just need a prescription from my Endo here or do I need to get a doctor in the states? Also my insurance company pays over and above for all my diabetes supplies currently but would they cover out-of-country costs? If you guys know anything that would be awesome. Thanks.

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The best place to look is to start with Health Canada; that is the Canadian equivalent of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and the organization can answer questions such as the Canadian approval and availability of treatments like Pramlintide (which is the generic name for Symlin).

Thank-you so much. I will do that.

Any luck on getting Symlin in Canada?

Does someone have information about this?

As far as I can tell, Symlin has never even been submitted for Health Canada approval.

Thats what I thought, yersterday I tried searching trought all health canada database, and coulndt find anything related to it… im really sadened by this I had so much hope… but I have close family living in the usa, so I hope it could be a solution!

I’m pretty sure in most provinces you can apply for special permission to import drugs not available in Canada. I don’t think pharmacare will pay for them (though maybe?), but at least it would let you obtain it easily. But I’ve also heard of people travelling to the US to get medication if they have a relationship with a US physician who can prescribe it.

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I didnt know that thanks!