Symlin & MDI?

I’m posting this here and in the Symlin group for maximum exposure.

Anyone using Symlin who also does MDI versus pump? I’d like to hear your experience with the two. I’m struggling a bit. I’m on the first few days - up to 45 mcg right now. No nausea - I do get this really weird “knot” in my stomach sometimes.

I’ve been on low carb and Lantus/Novolog for awhile - last week my latest A1c was 5.4, which is terrific. The only reason I wanted to try Symlin is because over the past year, since starting insulin, I’ve gained 20 lbs and nothing I do seems to budge it. It’s frustrating - it’s “not me” - and I want to get back to my fighting weight.

By the way, the guidelines say at least 30 carbs OR 250 calories, so I’ve followed that - along with a lot of Jason’s helpful guidelines - and haven’t had any horrible lows.

Anyway, my doc told me to lower my basal but I think that’s wrong - I think Jason said I may need to raise my basal? I’m having horrible DP at the same night time basal rate I was on before Symlin - I tried the Symlin/correction thing in the wee morning hours but that gave me an awful gnawing stomach ache. BUT, if I have to raise my basal even though I’m lowering my boluses, is this going to help my overall insulin resistance and the weight that came with it?

Should I hold off on Symlin unless I get a pump? I’ve been resisting the pump because I work at home so MDI is no biggie, and I am very fair with very thin skin and am afraid of scar tissue. However, if that’s the best solution for lowering my insulin/resistance, maybe I should go that route. Right now I take Lantus 2x day (30 U total) and Novolog (4-6 U per meal + corrections, which has been slowly increasing as resistance increases).

Any help or guidance is appreciated.