Symlin without Insulin?

I am confused and maybe someone can help. The Symlin web site says that Symlin is always taken with insulin.

I am a member of Dr Bernstiens web site and he uses it all the time for weight loss. After the Symlin doesnt work he switches over to Byetta, usually after a couple of months and then back and forth.

Do physicians prescribe this just for weight loss without insulin use? Thank you

At present, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has only approved Symlin as an adjunct treatment for insulin which is why the website indicates it is always taken with insulin (the FDA mandates what manufacturers may say on websites about a drug). You should note that medical doctors may prescribe any drug’s use “off-label” if they believe it has merit, but the manufacturers may not market a drug for off-label purposes. Symlin is unlike Byetta in that Symlin is a synthetic version of an actual hormone produced by the human body, whereas Byetta is not. Also, Symlin is NOT a weight-loss drug (although the company would probably like approval for it to be so they could sell more of the product), and may have metabolic impact beyond simply weight loss which must be considered, which is why regulators mandate what can and cannot be said about an approved product.

Thank you so much for clearing that up!

Dr Bernsteins references that it along with Byetta are one of the best kept secrets for weight loss however they are not marketed that way. He indicated that he has saw wonderful weight loss effects on both products with his patients.

I am doing fine on my low carb diet but if I hit a snag or level out I am going to keep this in mind. I will remain in this group just to keep track of this product. Thanks Scott!

It is not FDA approved for weight loss…it is to help with post parandial blood sugars. One of the fabulous side effects is weight loss for some people…so I am sure people are wanting to use it for that. Symlin is supposed to be used only with insulin and Byetta is used for type 2 diabetics, people who are not on insulin.

my friends (not diabetic) dr gave her symlin about a year ago when i (40 year insulin) went on it. she lost 80 lbs, i lost 10. go figure.

Thanks Cherry for the reply. Seems like this has a little different effect on some.