An Insulin That Helps to Lose Weight?

Ok, I went to a new primary doc today and getting set up w/a new endocrinologist. I was inquiring about the Gastric Lap Band and he told me about a new insulin out that has something in it that helps to make the body feel “full” and lose weight. I have tried to look this up on google and here but can’t find any INSULIN that helps you lose weight. I don’t remember if he told me the name of the insulin b/c I am supposed to take it up with my endocrinologist (silly me thinking this was something common and I would be able to find all sorts of stuff about it on the internet). Please tell me what this could be!?!?!
Thank you everyone for trying to help each other out coping with this disease.


P.S. I love that “True of False” discussion that is on here. I get a kick out of reading everyone’s lives and both good times/bad times with diabetes and their creativity with questions.

I think he is talking about Byetta, it is only for type 2 diabetics and is not insulin, hope it helps,Lynn

thanks lynn,
He definitely said it was insulin, but I’m starting to think HE is mistaken. He did tell me he sees TONS of type 2 diabetics and only 3 type ones (I guess I make #4). I am going to call the office tomorrow and ask. I appreciate you trying to help!

Byetta or Symlin is probably what he is talking about. Symlin is the same premise as Byetta but is the synthetic hormone of Amlyin.

I’m type 1.5 and stuck it out with byetta for nearly 3 months it is was an awful experience…was going to try symlin but never ended up doing it…new doc is calling me 1 and a quarter…

anywhoo…if you find out a new insulin that helps let me know! I’ll take a bunch of it…LOL…been on lantus now for quite some time and gained more weight than when I was taking nph/r…also with lantus not as tight control it seems…doctor still wants me to stick it out with lantus/humalog combo calling r/nph combo dinosaurs…also water weight in legs and even with exercise have a hard time taking off the pounds…

We sound like the same person, lol, I am 1.5 and most people think I making it up cause they never heard of it, I take lantus and novolog and have noticed swelling in my legs but thought it was from salty foods.I was first diagnosed with gestational diabetes a few years back w/ my last pregnancy, then it went to what they thought was type 2, till the meds just stopped working completly, they ran a few blood test and said its type 1, or 1.5 (lada) whatever you wany to call it. I have had it all. I am also hypothyroid and anemic, once you tap into that endocrine system I think your pretty much screwed. Right now I am fighting with the pounds too, I am thinking of going on the pump, doc says I would probly reduce my insulin by half and would be easier to lose a few pounds.

Well, I called a pharmacist/friend last night and he has never heard of an INSULIN that helps with weight loss. He said Byetta (injectible but not insulin) and Januvia which are both strictly for TYPE 2 DIABETICS. So, I dunno. He said one of his customers has lost about 70 lbs the past 9 months on Byetta and that it is tolerated more and more successful than Januvia. It wouldn’t apply to me anyway, and the one post on here from Jaimie said she had bad side effects would have made me leery to try it anyway. If I find out any INSULIN that does this, I will DEFINITELY post and share. If I find out it was a misunderstanding I won’t continue on w/discussion. I will share if I find anything that can help one of us.

He is either talking about Byetta or Symlin. Both are injectable medications for diabetes. They are not insulin, bot of them will help you lose weight. Both medications have side effects with the most common being naseua and vomiting. I was on Symlin for about 2 years and once your body gets adjusted the side effects usually go away.