Syringes - How deep should it go

On a few occasions I've inserted the refill syringe into a new cartridge and it goes ALL-THE-WAY-IN. Generally it seems to happen only when I've inserted the syringe near the edge of the "Insulin Fill Port." There is literally no resistance.

But I haven't filled it that way. I remove the syringe and insert it near the center of the "Insulin Fill Port" until the syringe meets resistance.

Am I doing any damage to the new cartridge when this happens? I haven't noticed any odd behavior from the pump or any effects on my blood sugar. In that sense it's a 'no harm, no foul' situation, but I wonder . . .


I’ve been a t:slim user for over a year. This happens occasionally. I’ve also had times when I’m unable to empty my syringe, as if there’s some sort of resistance. As long as I’m able to fill the cartridge, it’s all good.

Thank you for validating my experience! I was once told that that couldn't happen! Anyway, I've experienced no ill effects from it going all the way in, although it hasn't happened very often.

Hi, Natalie, I don’t know why they would deny it’s happening. More than a few other t:slim users have questioned this.