Need help with my T-Slim

I have been using the T-Slim since March 2015. With the exception of problems inserting the needle into the insulin port on the pump thing have been great. The problem is that most of the time I can’t get a full insert of the Syringe needle into the insulin port on the cartridge and this makes it very hard to move the insulin from the syringe to the cartridge. I have on a few occasions been able to get full inserting of the needle and everything go just great. I have never had any problems because of this half needle insertion until today. After injecting about 280 units of insulin and completing the cartridge change my pump only showed 85 unit on the pump display. It normally shows 240 units. Anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks for any help with my T-Slim pump issues.

Bob Martin

I could be wrong, but it sounds to me as if you should be calling their tech support. Or have you already called them and aren’t getting the support you need?

The port is actually designed so the needle only goes half way. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with your pump displaying such a low fill, though. The other thing is that the pump will not read an accurate amount of insulin held in the pump until five units of insulin have been used. Try blousing with your pump disconnected and see if you get an accurate reading after. Either way, definitely call tech support.

My trainer told me that right after filling a cartridge, the insulin amount shown on the pump may be way off. Mine said 60+ last night after I put 150 in it. Sometimes it just takes a little time for the pump to figure things out.

As @phoenixbound stated definitely call their tech-support if you haven’t already. Loading 280 and it showing 85 is very odd.

As far as inserting the needle - your t:slim trainer (i’m assuming you were trained in person) should have clearly explained that the needle does not go in all the way.

I have found that on occasion the needle will go in all the way if you insert it more to the side. But this is only by accident - its not something I try to do. Either way all the insulin should get loaded.

Please post back after you speak to Tech support and inform us why your cartridge shows 85 after 280 loaded.


Thanks guys for the information. As far as the trainer goes, she was a new kid on the training block and frankly I knew more than she did, but she never mention the port was designed for the needle only to go half way. I had just accepted that it worked that way, but as I had said before the insertion of the insulin is a lot harder when it is half way and very easy when I do get a total insertion of the needle.

As to the amount of insulin showing on the display this is the first time this has happen. The pump is inserting insulin and the display is still shows 85 units. I believe the insulin is in the pump and it will resolve itself, but I will be contacting tech support if it continues to misread the amount of insulin in the pump. I really don’t care about what the display shows as long as the pump knows what it is doing.