T:Slim Occlusion Alarms!

Hi Folks!

I just need some advice on occlusions. I’ve been on the t:slim G4 since June 2016 and I really do love it. Recently, however, I’ve been getting multiple occlusion alarms with every 3 day site change. Now, I AM on a very small amount of basal (.15u/hr - almost the lowest possible for the tslim pump), but this never used to happen this often and it is getting very frustrating.

Also there is something confusing about the t:slim occlusion alarms - once the alarm goes off what are you supposed to do? Do a whole new site change with a new catridge, tubing, and site? I ask because there IS an option to just “Resume Insulin” once the alarm goes off, but how do you know the occlusion has been resolved if you just simply hit resume?

I have used both the t:90 (6mm) and t:30 infusion sets and both are comfortable for me. I also have only ever used my stomach because it just is very convenient for me in terms of accessing the site (I also am very thin and don’t have a lot of fat on my body). A couple of other things to know, I sometimes forget to clip the plastic site cover on while I shower and I wonder if water gets in and then blocks the flow of insulin? Also, I use a SPIbelt to hold my pump in clipped around my waist and so I’m wondering if the tubing gets kinked because it is wrapped/coiled up in the belt pocket? Will a longer cannula help? A different infusion set altogether? Is it simply the fact that I’m on such a small amount of basal? Should I try a different location on my body? Any advice you all have on why this might be happening so often or what may help is appreciated!


I’m on an even smaller amount of basal insulin than you are. When I get an occlusion (T-slim X2) I straighten out the tubing and hit resume insulin. If an incomplete bolus was given I give the rest. As long as I don’t get another alarm, I just press on. So far that has fixed it for me. I haven’t figured out what I’m doing to the tubing though.

BTW I’ve never clipped the plastic cover on while showering.

If you search on the topic you will find a lot of discussion about occlusions with the T-Slim.