T:Slim Vs Animas Ping

Hey everyone!
I'm new to the site, so bear with me if something like this has been asked before! I've been on the Animas Ping pump for just under 5 years now, and I absolutely love it. But since I've been introduced to the T:slim, I can't stop thinking maybe I should switch. Animas doesn't seem like it's quite keeping up with the race as far as the technology and convenience of their features go, even in the foreseeable future with the Vibe, but I'm so attached to my Ping that I don't know if I could switch! Lol. So I guess my questions would be: Does anyone else get super attached to their pumps? And does anyone have experience with switching from the Ping to the T:slim, and what are some of the pros and cons? Thanks everyone! :)

I liked my 1250/2020 when I used Animas, but they're no longer the most updated out there. I changed to Medtronic for a bigger reservoir and missed my Animas until I learned about the t:slim and finally got one. I regretted the Medtronic pump, but I love my t:slim best so far out of the three.

I didn't have the Ping, but the 2020 was the Ping minus the remote. I don't think I would have used the remote feature if I'd had it. I could have gotten a small little remote for the Revel I used, but I didn't bother shelling out for it, it wasn't an option I had to have. I don't miss a linked meter, I didn't use it exactly solely anyway(if it's not attached, I forget stuff places and don't miss it until I can't retrieve it until the next day usually).

The rechargeable battery is actually quite nice to have, with my previous pumps I always had to run out for more batteries because everyone would find the pack and help themselves. Another good thing about the rechargeable battery is that you don't have to worry about over tightening the battery cap and cracking the pump(did that once). The T:slim is very intuitive, the menus and screen are very nice, I like the setup better than my other two pumps. The multiple profile option is nice, you can change everything in them, not just basal rates and it's easy to swap to another. Fifteen minute increments for temp basal actually is surprisingly useful. The t:slim is black plastic, with my Animas pump I always chipped off the paint(had silver) so the black underneath was exposed and drove me nuts, that might not matter to you though. I always scratched up the screen on my Animas pump, especially on the 2020 when they fleshed out the screen for whatever reason, the t:slim I don't believe I'll have that problem with and it comes with a screen protector preinstalled anyway. I think the t:slim is louder than both of my previous pumps, which is nice.

It's been a while since I last used my 2020, if you can give more specific questions about things, it'll jog my memory more and I can give more info or try to.

I was on OmniPod for 4 years and switched to the Animas Ping in Jan this year. I view my pump as a device that helps me manage diabetes. Whichever pump provides me with the best management that’s the one I’ll use. I liked the T:slim features; color, touch screen, but aside from that the way Animas Ping’s manages the calculations is a vast improvement over the OmniPod. I do really like the pump. Michael

Hi, my name is Vicki and I have been a diabetic for 50 years. I used the Animas Ping for over 5 years and just have had a new Tandem T-Slim on now for a month and I LOVE IT!!!!! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, I am glad to answer any questions or help you come to a decision in any way I can!! XO Vicki

Hi Vicky!

Please tell me why you love the T-Slim? :) Do you ever miss the remote from the Ping?

I'll be following this group closely, to read some reviews. I went from a Ping to MM Revel, and now actually think I prefer some Ping features better. I cannot hear alarms on the Revel and it doesnt work well at detecting occlusions. I have till 2015 for my warranty to be up, but may have to get another Revel because I might be able to get in on an upgrade program. My HMO coverage is a miserable fifty percent for pumps and supplies.
How some people manage to get better coverage is beyond me! I dont even consider a CGMS with the lousy coverage I have. Above all, I miss my cozmo the most! Over the years I have had two MM pumps, one Cozmo and four Animas models.....

Hi Vicki. I am also considering switching from the Ping to the T:Slim and was wondering if you're still glad you switched now that a few months have passed? I wear my pump in my bra so I'm kind of worried the same way "B" is that I will miss the remote!

On Aug 20th this year my PING runs out of warranty after 5 years. I am switching to the T:Slim for a simple reason. Being visually impaired it is much easier to see and use. I quit using the PING Meter because of the grey scale screen and the excessive speed it scrolled at. I still have to scroll when entering BG and carbs into the PING. It does scroll slower than the meter but the screen is still small and I can not read it without a magnifier. Therefore the T:Slim is my choice because of screen size, color screen and touch screen. It can not come soon enough.

I'm definitely with you on that, the T:Slim is super easy to see. Let me know how you like it once you get it! I really love my Ping, but I'm out of warranty so once this one goes, I don't know if I'll want to get a new Ping, or make the switch to T:slim. I've had the Ping since about 7 months after I got diagnosed, and this year was 5 years of having a Ping, so I don't know if I'll miss it, or if I just feel this way since it's the first pump I've ever used.

For what is is worth, I have had a Disetronic, Animas, Cosmo and PING over the years. Whenever I got a new pump I did not miss the old one at all because the new one had more or better features. With any luck I should have my new T:Slom sometime this week. I am really looking forward to getting it and will not miss the PING at all. I will let you know how I like it after I get my training.