t1 slacker - motivation needed!

what do you do when your “diabetes routine” is down in the drain-
AND had been for almost two months.

i started my pump on the 1st of may.
i love it-
but it definitely makes over eating TOO easy.
my sense of portion control is all lost.

also- before pumping
i checked my levels like 14+ times a day!
the pump had helped me keep my sugars in a good range.
so slowly i started to check less often.
and today- i checked TWICE.

i know if i dont start soon-
i will definitely pretend like i dont even have t1.
which has happened before
i had an a1c of 6.2 to 8.4 because i slacked
i was able to get it down again to a 6.2
now im afraid of another high a1c
(ill get my lab results on monday)

how do you motivate yourself to keep your health in check??


I know this sounds kind of morbid but:

When my feet and legs hurt so much from the neuropathy that I can’t keep my legs still and get to sleep I think about the fact that I have this problem because I didn’t take care of my D. Then I think about much worse it will be if I don’t take care of he good ole D.

I also think about my elbow that has a hole in it from an MRSA infection that started a year ago June. One year later and I still have a hole the size of my entire elbow that won’t heal because of D (matches the hole in my head, lol). I picture my self without my arm (of course it is my right elbow and I am right handed).and I realize that the only thing that is going to help is to keep my BGs under control. My last A1C was 8.9 down from 13.8. Better but definitely not good enough. So you can see where I have been. Then I think about the difficulty I have walking now and just getting around doing normal old everyday stuff and I think about trying to do it with only one leg. Scares the H@## out of me.

I also have a real pretty journal which I picked out just for my D thoughts, struggles, and victories. I probably have more struggle pages than victory pages. But I like to go back and read both. It reminds me of where I have been and where I am going. And when I see that I can make positive changes and be victorious over some aspect of D, I really feel good about myself and what I am doing.

I know that you are young and I think that makes it harder. But you can take hold of yourself, be responsible and show others what you are capable.of doing. Besides do you really like feeling like you do when your BGs are out of control? If you believe in God ask for His help. He will help you! Tell him exactly how you feel. Get mad and tell Him you are mad He won’t care. He will still help you.

I know that others will have better ideas than I have but I hope this lets you know that even if I don’t know you except through Tu I still care. Please keep us(me) updated on how you are doing.

{{{{Big Hugs}}}}

I come here:) read, smile, cry, and then know I can do it over and over and over again.

What a wake up call! A lot of days, I feel like Denise. In the last year, I lost a lot of weight, exercised regularly and ate very sensibly. But here lately, I just don’t feel like taking that walk. I don’t think I’ve exercised in three weeks. Just no motivation.
After reading about your experiences, you just gave me the kick in the butt I needed. I hope your elbow gets better and I hope you get good nights sleep tonight.

I hope your A1c is better than what you think it might be. Good luck tomorrow.

Just checking on you to see how you are feeling and doing. I just found out you live in Vegas. OMG I lived in Vegas for almost 20 years. I worked at University Medical Center. Somedays I miss Vegas and all of my friends. Then I think about how hot I am here in So. Cal and how hot I would be in Vegas and guess what? So. Cal wins!!!