Diabetes and Me

I am new to this site and would like to tell people about me and ask for help with my diabetes. i have had diabetes for 6 years now this past Dec. 18th i know that i have not been taking care of it like i should i take my insulin for every meal and i know its not the right thing to do but i don’t check my blood sugar regularly. I would love to have some pointers that remind me to check it everytime i eat drive feel bad and everything possible it would be most appreciated thank you

I used to do the same thing…its a tough disease to live with…everyday is a struggle and constant reminder you have to do extra steps to ensure a healthy life. the turnaround for me was getting the omnipod. before the pump i would skip insulin and not check my sugar for fear of feeling different around people. in june of 08 my a1c was at 10. the ultimate slap in the face - my doc told me i had to get serious and bring it down in order to go on the pump. Two months after being on the pump my a1c went down to a 6.5! That was what i needed. It helped me get a jumpstart to take control after 11 years…are you on the pump or considered the pump? just remember checking your sugar and taking your insulin insures a healthy future =D

i am not on the pump but i was considering it. but as you said its gonna take a lil while because my a1c is so high. im gonna be trying my hardest to check my sugar every 2 hours from now on my docs have been telling me to do it but i just blew it off i think im done not listening. im just gonna need a few reminders to help checking it and everything. and thank you very much btw =]

Ben, It’s me again. I just read your other blogs. I’ve had type 2 diabetes for 19 years and although I am far from a teenager, I too get tired of sticking my finger nad taking my insulin but whenever I feel like that I remind myself that my dad lost both of his legs to diabetes and that idea kind of pushes me to do what I’m supposed to do. It didn’t happen overnight and it took time but the damage that diabetes will do if you don’t take care care of it is irreversible. Just remember that you have a wonderful dream - to be a firefighter I’m sure that’s your dream because you like to help people. But you can’t help others until you help yourself and you sure can’t help others if you begin to lose body parts due to high A1C’s. Keep your dream in sight. Once you get use to the idea that this is your way of life, it’s not bad. You fall into a pattern. I myself keep a log book so I don’t forget. I write down the times that I need to take my sugar, what I ate and what my blood sugar, was. Every 2 weeks that I’ve done what I was supposed to do and my blood sugars are ok, I go to a movie or do something that I like to do. It’s my reward to myself. Take Care. Dawn Marie.