T1DM Powerlifting, Bodybuilding and High Intensity Training

An open forum to discuss nutrition, routines and how to work with type 1 to fulfill your potential. Exercise routines and how to dose with insulin both with pump and MDI to avoid acute and latent-onset hypoglycaemia. Picture is me after a cut.

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I am no where near you are far as muscle goes, but i am a moderate lifter who is looking for advice as to what has worked for you.

Glad to see you found the group! The first thing is, what are your goals? Both a long term (1 year) and short term attainable goals?


I have found that the lower my bmi the better my control is of my diabetes. I am looking to attain the lowest possible which includes lifting and eating right!!

hey trish, i started a discussion for you so that other people can chime in too! hope you don’t mind!

Hey Sufu, thanks for starting this group. I’m well past my prime but a specific long term goal that keeps me going back to the gym is maintaining my insulin sensitivity. I’ve found that if I focus my training on that and track my progress, everything else just kind of falls into place and it becomes a matter of adjusting my pre and post exercise routine accordingly. I’d be interested to know if others here notice big changes in insulin sensitivity with weight training and how you handle any associated issues that might pop up.

i think weight training has huge affects on insulin sensitivity. I think if you stick to a regular routine and your body consists of a good amount of muscle your insulin requirement decrease and your use of insulin is more effective. Exercise is a big key to diabetes management.

Lifted 315 x 4 reps on decline bench today… back plus 2 reps from where I was last spring before T1DM stripped me of my weight and strength! I lost about 40 lbs before I was dx and it was the first time since freshman year of high school that I was below 200 lbs.

So I was checking out bodybuilding.com for some new workouts & discovered this contest

If only there was a T1 D category as I think we it’s 10x harder to meet a body fat % goal when trying to catch up with all of our LOH’s, etc. Anyways, I’m contemplating about signing up in attempts to motivate me even more for the next 12 weeks… :slight_smile:

@brownie83 - If you have a pump you can really fight the LOH better than I can with lantus. If you know you’re going to head low x number of hours after a work out, play with your basal rate to see if you can abrogate the LOH.

I agree. I thought about doing it too.

True story, I’ve been messing around with my temp rates & basal rates. It seems I’m only a few weeks into more intense exercise/weight training & I’ve significantly reduced my basal rates & changed my carb ratio. I agree that Lantus would be 100x harder to control my D with exercise & I couldn’t imagine testing more than my usual 10-12x /day.

It’s just when my sugars want to drop, it’s pretty fast & one minute i’ll be 139 & the other I’m 44. So I’m working on eating 6 smaller meals a day in attempts to prevent those big drops. I’ll be looking into the supplements (CLA, fish oil, Lutein) you suggested in a previous discussion to see if that will help control my LOH @ night.

Absolutely. When I take 2 days off to recover from a couple weeks of grinding through hard lifts my BG averages will creep up almost 30 points by the start of day 3. So I completely agree with you that the exercise does a ton for changing basal rates. I test 6-9 times per day depending on what I’m doing and if I’m on the road driving a lot.

Eating the small meals is huge. Preventing the spike and limiting the amount of large bolus will help. Just make sure you’re not excluding anything in the small meals. I’ve seen people, including my old teammates, end up forgetting to eat food groups because they are focusing on getting the meals in instead of the quality of the food they are intaking.

Even better than the CLA is the casein protein or cottage cheese. I am a firm believer in that, especially if it’s the workouts that are causing your LOH.

Alright group, we need to get another discussion going!

Sorry I’ve been absent from this group & tudiabetes in general lately. I’ve been all about participating in bodybuilding’s “transformation challenge,” it’s kept me pretty busy with working out 1-2x a day, keeping up with their blogs & forums which I think is pretty necessary to participate. Happy to say I’ve gone from 23.4% body fat to 20.6% which translates to a 4.5 lb weight loss in 2 weeks! I love the difference I’m seeing but man, I’m so beat by the end of the day I typically just pass out! Let me know what you wanna discuss… I’m all ears… :slight_smile:

All I have to say is CONGRATS! That’s a HUGE body fat % loss. Remember that’s not only 4.5 lbs lost, but you’ve also dramatically increased your muscle/lean body mass. Great job!

Hey there! Glad to see your joined the group. I take glutamine before my workout and my protein shake afterwards has 10 g of glutamine and glutamine precursors in it. I take higher power glutamine AKG. Doesn’t seem to do anything to my BG. If you need something to taste good, this pry isn’t for you. It is horribly sour.

That is freaking cool! I’m going to get one! That will be great for med school when I’m going for a day at a time!

or not… $100 for the large and $70 for the short. I’ll stick w/ my $15 walmart cooler

Sold out til the end of March anyway. You have time to think it over…

Oh, I do have a question for the group. I ripped my left Achilles tendon to shreds about ten years ago. I had it surgically repaired and it hasn’t really given me any issues since my recovery, but, I haven’t laced up a pair of track spikes since the injury. My training is scheduled to head to the track in a couple of weeks, with spikes. I’m actually scared ****less.

I think it will hold up, but does anybody know of a Achilles brace or support that I could wear while speed training?