Taboo Topic: Sex and the Sensor

i am delving into this somewhat taboo topic b/c i have yet to find answers to my sensitive questions. i am aware that this is a family-oriented site, so i will keep my questions clean cut and straight forward.

  1. YOUR BODY IMAGE: how do you feel when you undress? are you comfortable w/ wearing all your “gear”? do you feel awkward and somewhat dysfunctional or unattractive? do you feel proud of yourself b/c you are someone who is not just surviving life w/ D, but someone who is taking charge and surmounting obstacles that are sometimes more than just challenging? do you feel sexy in front of your partner? do you feel respected by your partner?


i hope that i have not over-stepped my bounds and that others feel safe enough to discuss this topic w/ respect and honesty

You might find this topic helpful

I know Kerri Sparling (sixuntilme) tackled this subject in a rather humorous blog several years ago, it’s worth seeking out.

thank you very much for responding to my “delicate” subject matter. i was not certain how to explore it w/out being inappropriate. i will definitely check out the site you suggested.
Daisy Mae