Taking oral meds with food

I take 3 medications, including metformin that should be taken with food. Not only SHOULD be taken but HAVE to be taken with food. The other two medicines will have half or less absorption from the gut if taken on an empty stomach.
The question is how much food is needed to get the best response and in the case of metformin, to prevent GI disturbances. It seems to me that I am adding extra carbs just to fulfill this problem. If I could take them at mealtime it would be nice, but I am working during one dose time.
Any ideas?

Hi. I often take metformin with a spoonful of peanut butter or cream cheese if I'm skipping a meal... seems to work well to prevent the GI issues. There is a metformin group on here... I think it's called "Metformin for Us". You can pose your question there and you can read through all the old threads. There are so many suggestions there that you will probably find one that works for you. It really helped me. Cheers! Joanne