Taking shots

OK the other day I was out wife mt sister in law having lunch. She had no problem with me testing myself at the table, but when I drew up my shot she asked “Your going to do that here?” I replied “Why not” I was a little offended since my wifes family has a few special needs people in it as her being a school psychologist. I figured her of all people would understand me not wanting to hide in a bathroom.

I have had no problem popping a shot in public as I feel I have nothing to hide and I am not doing anything illegal. I also think the idea of taking a shot in a public rest room is unsanitary. I’m just wondering is it uncommon to not make a extra trip to the bathroom to take a shot or am I being as one person told me insensitive to other people by doing it in public as one person has stated.

I used to get rid of the needlephobes in my office by breaking out the test kit and syringe. : )

I agree, when I was on MDI, I didn’t go to rest room, it seemed very unsanitory. If someone takes issue with it, they can look away from my direction or start walking to the rest room. They won’t even need to go into the rest room, I’ll be done before they even hit the door

It depends on the bathroom, lol! I don’t think it’s a big deal to take a shot in public, it’s fast and it’s not like you’re spurting blood all over the place. That being said, as I don’t shoot through clothing if I don’t want to use the restroom, like when I’m flying, I do try to do it discreetly, as I’m not into showing my belly and thighs to random strangers. But that’s female modesty.

You give your shot any where you damn well please. It’s not a subject for anyone else’s consideration or approval. Some of those public restrooms are disgusting. If they don’t like needles, they don’t have to look. This is our reality. Like I said, OUT, LOUD AND PROUD!!!

I have had diabetes for 42 years, and am not on shots anymore, as I use a pump. I was not on MDI ;as it was not the norm for me until the mid 90’s. At that time,I could do my one or two shots a day in private, at home. When I did go on MDI, I always went to the bathroom to “shoot up”; as I was always told as a teen and young adult that it would be offensive to other people; and that so many people are so afraid of the sight of syringes that it is just not acceptable to do it in any one’s presence except my family. If I have to shoot up becuase of rare pump failures or on the rare times I am on a pump vacation, I still do not shoot up in public. Just old indoctrination, I guess

I agree, there should be no shame, but the general public and many associates, co-workers, and some relatives are so unaware and squeamish that I do not find it worth the hassle. I even had a long term friend ask me privately before a dinner date with 5 other middle-aged women to remember NOT to test at the table, as she knew there was a person in our party who was afraid of blood… She privately asked could I please go test away from everyone else so not to offend anyone at the table. and She has an elderly father who is Type 2 and insulin Dependent!!Now mind you this was at a five-star reatuaurant and as usual, I place my glucometer in my lap, usually obscured by the table or the tablecloth; and test, not revealing what I am doing to others. I complied with the request but was quietly seething.

I hate to tell you as a newly diagnosed type 1,that this is how it is with the general public, but that has been my experience. Your sister in law, as family, should be more supportive, but I frankly would not inject in front of her nor in public…
I am also African-American and I am not trying to play the "race card’, but I always have had to be aware that my actions are sometimes looked at as more “suspect” than my friends of a lighter hue… Thus,I will test in public, but unless I am dying of DKA, I probably would not self-inject in public, particularly if I am not within the protective ambience of understanding family and supportive friends.

Lewis,as a newbie on MDI, I do not mean to sound discouraging… Maybe others will have more solutions for you for use in both work and soical environments. I wish I could be as bold as the others…, but I found it a losing battle…

God Bless,

I used to use a penlet type for injection. Easy and convenient to use. Twist the barrel to set unit amount and push the plunger. I put meter on my lap and also inject discretely under the table. No one can see or need to. This worked well with one layer shirt in the summertime. Wintertime I sometime would go to the bathroom. Easier to tuck in the shirts standing up. It is a little harder to be discrete using a syringe and vial. I’ve done it. Just go for it.

Ive given my shots pretty much everywhere… at my sons daycare, doctors, resturants, stores, gym, work i dont care and why should WE… its our problem not theres if they dont want to see it then they should look away no one is forcing them to look…

Thank you. I will agree I most likely would excuse myself at a higher end restaurant, but most of those around me are out of my league.
My mother a type-1 for 41 yrs still wont take shots in front of people, but what evey anyone is comfortable with

Pete I always enjoy you input and comments thank you. Stay strong

“Do you mind if I breath?” …“Than you won’t mind the shot, it keep me alive, just like breathing air.”

Truthfully, having to watch someone breath can be quite offensive.

I inject wherever I need to.

Back at ya.

We can’t increase awareness if we aren’t visible in every day life. I’m not ashamed and I’m not going to hide. These are the things that we need to do to live like everyone else. I used to shoot through my clothes all the time. It isn’t a big deal and in 20 years I’ve never had any sort of infection. Our lives are complicated and we don’t need to have to hide it.

ok this is a major issue with me. it is crazy. you can’t help you are type 1 diabetic.

oh excuse you, your chronic medical condition is an inconvenience for someone. does the same person turn and look away from people in wheelchairs? do they ask people with feeding tubes to “please go in the bathroom and do that.” NO WAY!!!
And there is no reason you should have to hide or consider other people’s feelings when it comes to taking care of yourself. If they don’t like it, that is their issue, not yours, and NEVER let them place it on you. It is not acceptable that we as diabetics have to feel ashamed or hide that we are dosing up. its a part of our daily routine. and as a lady who has been type 1 for 10 years, I have had it up to heeeerrrrre with people saying, “oh I could never do that” whenever they first see me pull out the vial and the syringe. Its not like I have a choice or am doing this for fun. If i don’t take insulin, BY SHOT, I die. I don’t walk up to people I just met in leg braces and tell them, “oh I could never wear those.” Its insensitive and its time people became more educated about diabetes.

and that folks, is my hefty two cents.

Of course you should give yourself the shots wherever YOU feel most comfortable!
Although I don’t need shots, I always test at the table in restaurants, everybody is used to it by now. If I feel anything it’s performance anxiety that I’ll seem klutzy if I waste a test strip for some reason.

My niece was not on MDI long but we were using an insulin pen after the first month. We would inject her under the table in her thigh if in public. With a pen, you just prime it, dial it up, inject. We thought people didn’t notice until one day at the mall, an older man came up to us and told my niece “You are not alone.” LOL. In public people may notice or comment but I would still do what I had to do. I would not retire to a restroom. The thing is, usually you may not want to explain and just get on with it and eat in peace. And if people notice what you are doing, they may come up and ask. As far as your sister is concerned, she is way out of line. She should understand. I would speak up and tell her off, mention that if she feels uncomfortable, she should leave the table when you inject. And without commenting, if you please.

When I was on MDI’s I shot up where ever I wanted. Do it where ever you want to. I hated it when people told me not to do it in public, I mean seriously that is like telling a person not to take pills in public. you have to have that shot no questions about it.

When I was 5-6 years old in the late 1950’s I remember my Dad’s best friend who was a Type 1 injecting himself in front me. My dad used it as a teachable moment and explained why he needed an injection. I never forgot that. We need more teachable moments.

HAHA! Love this comment! So true :slight_smile: I’m going to use this one day.

Ok, I work in public health. Restrooms - especially public ones - are very unsanitary! The worst places in bathrooms are door handles and sink handles. As long as your hands are clean, I say give your shots anywhere you darn well please. The last thing you need to worry about is what people think. Taking care of ourselves means doing whatever we can to be healthy. Tell her she’ll get used to it, and either she will or she can start looking the other way. I test wherever I have to. I have a pump now, but used shots for many years and used to do it in college in 150-student classes. If anyone was brave enough to ask me what I was doing, it was usualy out of a healthy curiosity. I think in general people look and ask questions for that reason - a healthy curiosity!

Now if you are pulling your pants down to give yourself a shot in the rear, that’s another story :wink: You might want to head to the bathroom for that one :slight_smile: