Where do you take your shots?

Everytime I go out to eat with my boss, which is alot since we are friends, she makes me go to the bathroom to take my insulin because she thinks it is “disgusting!” to do in the middle of a restaurant. I hate this! I feel like she is ashamed to be seen by me when I am taking a shot so I am getting banished to the , Ugh, bathroom. Hardly the most sanitized room in a restaurant. I have finally got my other friends to not care if I inject at the table. It took a while though, and I can be timid trying to keep people around me happy. Any thoughts?

It’s tough…since 99% of my bosses never knew I was type 1 to begin with, I always duck off to the bathroom or some other spot to ‘shoot up’. Since your boss a) knows and b) seems, er, insensitive, I’d play along but make it clear you are only doing it to please her and respect her authority. Don’t buy into her attitude about diabetes or let it color your opinion of yourself. I mean, do people apologize for breathing around others?! Well, neither should we for needing insulin to stay alive.

As for everyone else? Who cares! You’re not the only PWD in the world! And thank goodness your friends are supportive :slight_smile:

Oh that is so rude of her. If I am at a restaurant with business people, then I do usually go to the restroom because I always take my lunch injection in the abdomen.
If it’s on a weekend and I’m with family or friends then I will lift up a small portioni of my t-shirt and inject. Nobody even notices anymore.
We are who we are. We need to do certain things to take care of our health. I know that the “boss/employer” relationship needs to involve some compromise, but, maybe she could just look away for 5 seconds.

Good advice all. Thanks. My friends don’t even notice anymore, so I have got them conditioned. I do tell my boss I only do it for her and am vocal (in a comedic tone) about being banished. Funny about apologizing for breathing, she sits futher away from me at movies because she mentions to me when I am breathing too loud. (I am asthmatic as well.) I just told her I would try and stop, but when I turn blue I will be breathing even harder. This shut her up, for the day.

Your humor & good nature will encourage everybody to go Your Way.A very happy ROSH HASHANNA to you.

I use a Humalog PEN for meals/bolus…not so noticeable, even less noticeable than using a glucometer…

(&( GOMER sez a boss is a boss, B careful not to upset da BOSS!

I know people who just inject right through their clothing. Of course one of the few times I did it, I bled all over my pant leg. It’s risky. It is so easy to discreetly inject yourself at the table (or under). I do what I need to do for myself. That includes not devoting my life to making other people happy. It would be polite of her to not say anything about it. If it bothers her, she should go sit in the restroom while you inject. I refuse to inject in any restroom. Yuck.