Tandem + Dexcom vs. Medtronic

Hi, I was thinking of upgrading my 630g to the 770. I am in Canada. I am using dexcomg6 with my 630. I am getting fed up with having to eat when my sugars are low and getting woken up through the night. I am only concerned about the Guardian sensors and their accuracy. How accurate do you think they are. I have talked to alot of people on this site and most say that they are just as accurate as dex. I am looking forward to the 780 but I wouldn’t be eligible until February 2023. If I upgrade I will get my 780 as soon as Health Canada approves it I will get it sooner. I hear that Medtronic is also supposed to be working on a sensor that doesn’t need calibration except on the first day and won’t require any over tape. Things to look forward to.