Medtronic 770/780

Does anyone have any hands on experience with the new Medtronic pumps (770 or 780)? I am trying to decide whether to switch from 680G to Tandem but curious if the new Medtronic will be comparable. Thank you.

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I started Tandem this year, after 25 years with Medtronic pump. And would still choose tandem today.

But keeping an eye on this for next system, medtronic + dexcom.

My next pump would be covered by medicare, and as of now, MC does not cover the guardian 3, and no indication from medtronics they are working to get it approved.

Although I was a happy Medtronic pumper many years ago, I will never go back to them because of their sensors. I think the Tidepool plan of being able to use a Dexcom integrated with a Medtronic pump is way down the road. I consider my Tandem pump to be a glitchy pump but mostly do well with it and know how to work with its quirks. There is currently no CGM that tempts me to leave Dexcom.

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I think Freestyle Libre 3 will be a valid consideration if/when integrated with pump.

That is exactly what I have heard. Dexcom is better in every way than the Medtronic. They are saying they have reworked it, taken away extra alarms, etc so it will be comparable… I’m just wondering if that is possible .?

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I don’t think that the Libre is currently as accurate as Dexcom nor can it be calibrated as far as I know.

Correct for Libre 2, but Libre 3 available in Europe (now or soon), so will know more on that soon.

I’m set for 4 years before next decision, having recently started tandem X2 with dexcom G6.

the Medtronic 770 / 780 have not been released except in limited trials. So very few people have used it and even those have non labeled pre - production versions.

I am currently planning on upgrading when I can. The guardian3 has been a terrific sensor for me. The 770g will continue to use the guardian sensor. It is nto anticipated that the new Medtronic sensor will be announced until late 2021 or early 2022.

The main difference in the 670g and the 770g is Bluetooth connectivity. the 780g will have a new more flexible algorithm. Both pumps (it is actualy the same pump with a user installed software upgrade) will use an acc-u-chek meter packaged with the pump, and that meter will be the only meter that automatically connects to it.

I am a Medtronic ambassador. My opinions are my own. They did not pay me to say nice things. OK, they sent me a shirt and a cup but even I am more expensive than that

Yes, I guess I was hoping for input from those who might have used them in trials. I have had a terrible experience with the Guardian after giving it multiple tries, upgrades, replacements… It constantly asks for a new calibration, doesn’t accept the calibration, alarms “sensor updating”, etc. My rep is really trying to convince me that the next one will be better, I feel like I “fell for that” last time and am unsure whether it’s worth another chance.

The guardian sensors will not be getting an upgrade anytime soon and Medtronic integrating with anything other than the Guardian while somewhere on the horizon is still several years out.

Regarding the Libre 3 IMO those of us in the U.S. are still probably a year from having access to that since Abbott just released the Libre 2 in the U.S., but when it does get here it is supposed to integrate with several pumps both currently available (Tandem), and future (Omnipod Horizon and Bigfoot Biomedical).

Medtronic is definitely updating their sensor, with the first update coming as soon as December with the release of the 770 pump. They are removing a lot of the alarms as a main part of it. Then when the next pump, 780 comes out next year, I believe it will be updated again. I’m just wondering if it will make enough of a difference to be comparable to Dexcom.

Regarding the 770G to your knowledge have there been any other algorithm changes to reduce the number and frequency of required BG calibrations (versus the 670G)?


Steve, The 770g will hav exactly the same programming as the 670g plus the new sensor, telephone support for distribution of sensor data in real time, and support for the new paired meter.

The 780g software has not been fully distributed as yet. However, the software was approved by the FDA this pas week, the 770g will be available for update to 780g using the remote software update.

I have no need for smart phone connectivity. Therefore, I assume there is no significant advantage For me to upgrade from a 670 to a 770. However, if the 780 reduces alarms and ends turning off auto mode when BGs are too high, or too long at max/min delivery and allows a correction Bolus to bring BGs closer to 100, I would be interested in an upgrade.

I cannot say it will or will not. You might call your trainer to discuss the detailed software upgrades for the 780g.

@Annie2 – I have not been following the forum here for a while but am currently considering switching away from Medtronic since I hate the sensors. What have you read that discusses upcoming Medtronic sensor upgrades? I would be interested in learning details about that.

It’s no secret that I’m a Tandem fangirl. :grinning:

Run, run from Medtronic as fast as you can!


I would not switch or stay with Medtronic based on the promise of future sensor upgrades. There is little doubt that Medtronic will at some point sooner than later upgrade. But exactly when is unknowable since Medtronc does not usually telegraph its future products. So anyone who might say they know what the sensor or software upgrades will be is likely not correct.

As for anything a patient might say on the issue can likely be disregarded. If any one knew what is coming, I likely would and while I do not know it all, I can assure you that I do not know what features might be coning or when.

I can say that I am very happy to have requested an upgrade and am looking forward to getting an upgrade to the 770g. I hope that no matter what choice you make, that your choice will be wonderful.


Note: I am a Medtronic ambassador. My opinions are my own. They did not pay me to say nice things. OK, they sent me a shirt and a cup but even I am more expensive than that.

Yes. Tandem is a good option. However consider this, the new Medtronic Pump will work with tidepool allowing flexibility of choice of sensors and other technology as it come available. This means you will have flexibility of choice. Tandem has no plans for tidepool given their market position. I hate previous Medtronic sensors but now with the 770 things have changes including their guardian sensor. Medtronic also supports •cell phone use and tandem does not. I"m a DYI looper but considering the 770/780 because of the roadmap now playing out. Also, the 770/780 will support dexcom shortly as part of tidepool. That alone give options. Libre is coming once certified hopefully will be a option down the road.

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Here are details, although no timeframe. Something I would consider 4 years from now, with comparison to what Tandem is offering by then too.