Tandem diabetes care announces fda clearance of the t:slim™ insulin delivery system

I agree with the questions some others have; also, I've never heard of Tandem Diabetes Care. Have they been around for awhile? Produced other products? I would be more interested if it were MiniMed or Animas, rather than starting with a whole new company which might be an unknown commodity. Just a touch screen wouldn't be enough to make me inclined to do that.

It would be nice to see Animas follow suite with something like this and has built in CGM. That's a package I would buy in a hearbeat.

Virginia Valentine, Dr. Edelman, Gloria Yee and John Walsh...all well known in Diabetes care etc. I know Virginia, it doesnt get much better than her! I think at least the company has a great team in them!

Check it out Timmy-D... Animas/Dexcom CGM hybrid, approved in the U.K. ..Hard to say when the FDA will approve it here in the U.S. (no touch screen)


This was a very popular topic in some of the diabetes groups on Facebook. There was a concern there that it would be easy to touch screen and cause an unwanted bolus. One of my friends posted that she had attended a conference/expo where the Tandem pump was being shown. She asked about accidental boluses. The rep told her there are built-in features that would prevent this happening.

Here is what Amy Tenderich thinks about the Tandem pump:


Thanks Richard. Does anyone know if it has CGM communication/compatability?

It is compatible with several glucose meters, but not a CGM at this time. I read somewhere it will be upgraded for CGMs later on. The Animas and Omnipod are supposed to combine with the Dexcom CGM very soon.

It is a handsome looking piece of kit I have to admit, I bet cellnovo aren't too happy ha.

As others have said, it doesn't look particularly durable and unless they have used gorilla glass on that screen it would be scratched or cracked in no time and whilst it may fulfill Steve Jobs design mantra of being thin and pretty, it still has a large surface area overall footprint and doesn't look that solid to me.

The thing that makes an iphone is the slick OS and software experience, people try to emulate it all over the place but always get it wrong, I have used many a dodgy touch screen product that is trying to rip off the ipad/ipod.. Just because it looks like an apple product it doesn't mean it would function like one.

Also nobody is going to want to mug me for my pump in Brixton in London, but I bet that thing would look alot more interesting to thieves.

Also rechargeable batteries of this type as you see with mobile phones and laptop deteriorate rapidly, not holding as much charge as they used to, behaving unpredictably and generally being unreliable. Unless the battery is removable and comes with a back up I would not be interested.

Normal pumps you can just carry a AAA battery with your kit, I get 7 weeks out of a AAA battery on my pump which is great. It is also solid and durable..

I would not buy the first iteration of any product, especially an insulin pump from a start up company. Mistakes are always made in the early days (even with Apple ha) and an insulin pump is not something I want mistakes happening with.

Seems like form over function to me, so no doubt it will appeal to the masses ha :)

I want to see the full specs on this pump before I can say for sure. It may be slimmer but also be longer and wider. Just too hard to tell. They say it is shaped "like" a credit card but the term like could mean a whole lot of things.

I also wonder about the sensitivity of the touch screen. That is one place even many phones struggle and are frustrating to use. Would be terrible if the touch screen wasn't very responsive.

The biggest drawback for me is the recharging issue. I am an apocalyptic kind of guy and do not want to rely upon modern conveniences (power) 100% when it comes to insulin delivery. I can always stock batteries.

In the end I am happy to see new insulin pump technology come out and hope it can spur some of the other companies who have been using the same platforms for a long time to innovate a bit.

"I like that there are options. We all have different things that are important to us and I like that there is competition. I hope it stays that way."


It recharges via usb, which gives you a lot of options including recharging from your car. What I don't understand is why what they say is all aimed at Type 1, it is if they do not know that there are also type 2 on a pump? With the 300 U cartridge, it would also be fine for T2 pumpers. With 3 x as many T2 as T1 on insulin, why limit the market?

I just saw this. Awesome. The only thingI have not found out about is the rechargeable battery. I do not want to have to recharge on a daily basis. Its about time they got with the program and developed a better interface. Most pump interface's rival a TI-82 graphing calculator. Old, clunky and ugly.

I need help. I've had t1 for 3 years now, out of control most of the time. My Dr suggested the meter and pump early on but I thought it would place me 1 step closer to disability or the wheelchair or grave. My insurance covers only 70%, my side would be approximately $1500, which I can not afford. But now it seems I have to get it being that I can no longer sense my lows all the time. Is there a way to cut out the middle man, the meter salesman so I can somehow afford this.? Is there a way to go directly to the company, in my case its Medtronic. I really really need this meter now or else a low can come along, I dont feel it, and if nobodys around, pass out and possibly die. If anyone can help with info on this matter or even what type of pump and meter. I basically have NO CLUE.

With "meter" do you mean a CGM (continuous glucose monitor)? It's a device that measures you BG every few minutes: you put a sensor under your skin and it lasts for a week. When it measures low an alarm starts up.

I think your problem could benefit from a CGM, but the cause of your lows has to be found and resolved anyway.
Do you use lantus ? Do you know CHO counting ?

If you want open a new topic, many will try to help.

yes a cgm, use levemir and humalog. i take cho counting has something to do with carb counting?

cho is an abbreviation for carbs, you hit the carb nail on the head!

Looks sleeeeeek


what does the t-slim look like?