Tandem Insulin Pump/ New to The US

There is a new insulin pump approved by the ADA, and will be sold in the US starting in the first half of 2012.

Title: Tandem Diabetes Care Announces FDA Clearance of the t:slim™ Insulin Delivery System

Subtitle: Smallest Insulin Pump System and First-Ever with a Touch Screen, like an Apple ipad.

See Amy Tenderich's blog about this new pump.


It seems strange to me that this post got many replies on other D websites, and a lot of discussion in the Facebook diabetes groups....but nothing on Tudiabetes???

There was a post the other day: https://forum.tudiabetes.org/topics/tandem-diabetes-care-announces-fda-clearance-of-the-t-slimm-insul

Thanks, now I understand. I read the replies there, and made my own reply.