T Slim Inuslin Pump

Just wondering if anyone out there has tried the T-slim Insulin Pump? It just came out November 2011 it looks like an ipod, has a touch screen, and is very thin. My endo recommended I look into it as I decide if I want to change pumps or order another minimed. The only thing I can find online about it is how slim and up-to-date it is with it's touch screen. I cannot find anthing from anyone who as actually used it. It looks good but I wonder how well it really works.

This looks very interesting. It is so difficult to wear a dress with the minimed I used to have or the animus ping I now have. I have site issues where I need to change my pump site a little more often so an Omnipod would not work for me. I would love a tiny little pump like this. This article was interesting but I do not think it has the info you are looking for.: http://asweetlife.org/a-sweet-life-staff/featured/tandems-tslim-a-next-generation-pump/10839/

I'm pretty sure it's not available yet. The Tandem facebook page has posts like "it will come with.." etc. And there's this note at the bottom of one of the t:slim web pages:

This devices does not have 510(k) clearance and is not available for sale in the United States.

Like the Solo, these products are taking a long long time to get to market. Makes you appreciate what Omnipod has accomplished with many years on the market already. The competition for micro-pumps will be good, if/when these others actually become available.

I believe the T:Slim does have FDA approval to start marketing it, but that doesn't mean that it's immediately available at a store near you.

Once they get permission to market it, they've got to strike agreements with all of the distribution channels, insurance companies, and so on. They couldn't do this before. I had contacted an employee of Tandem prior to the FDA approval, and was told he couldn't answer the most basic of questions. Even now, I know Tandem is recruiting sales reps across the country. Imagine if it went to market but the only support a user could get is via an 800 number?

Tandem is a relative unknown in the diabetes care industry. As enthusiastic as some of us are, they've got to roll it out slowly and correctly, because they can't afford to be anything less than perfect in any way they reach a consumer.

With that said, no I do not know who uses it, nor would I want to be among the first to try it. I've got a pump that works quite well, thank you (ironically, I say this 10 minutes after cursing my pump, my 291 blood sugar, and a giant air-bubbles), and I don't need to switch simply because of the "wow" factor.

Exactly, Scott. That's exactly what I was talking about. FDA approval is only the first (BIG, costly) step in bringing a device to market. For an unknown company like Tandem or Insulet (maker of Omnipod), it's an enormous undertaking. I'd be willing to bet there are hundreds of interesting medical devices and medications that earned FDA approval and yet failed to ever gain traction as a marketable product.

I have kept communication with Tandem Diabetes Care through email. You can sign up for there email information at there web site. http://www.tandemdiabetes.com/ they are coming out on the market with the T:Slim come June, next month. They are trying to get stuff worked out through so there will be few issues with insurances and doctors when they do there major role out in June. I advice you to sign up for there emails so that way you don't have to second guess things. Also there insulin reservoir holds 3ml while most pumps only hold 2ml's. The T:Slim has a rechargeable battery and not a disposable one. The T:Slim is not linked with the Dexcom CGM yet, but the next model will. I got all this information from there web site and/or communication from there rep through email. Sign up for there email if you want your questions answered.