Tandem pump 12 hour alarm

Hi all I’ve been woken up to this 12 hour alarm for a few days in a row. I don’t understand it.
It says something to the effect “ you have not touched your pump for 12 hours so it going to suspend unless you press the button not to”

Well I don’t understand this. Last night at 10 pm I checked my pump and it said 99 and steady. So I went to bed and at 5:45 am it alarmed with that warning.
Now probably I did t do any correction or bolus for 12 hours but the whole idea is this pump is so I do t have to deal with it as much.

So why is this happening 4 months in to having it.

There is a setting under My Pump, Alerts and Reminders, for Auto-off. Mine is set to 18 hours. What is your setting?

"Well I don’t understand this. Last night at 10 pm I checked my pump and it said 99 and steady. "

When you checked pump, did you do 1-2-3 ? May require actual button press.

Sorry about the alarms. The first time I got this alarm, I wondered also. And like @MM1 I went in and changed i to 18 hours and haven’t heard it since, because I would not go 18 hours without having to bolus.

It’s an industry standard referred to as the “dead man’s alarm”. I think it does require more than just looking at the home screen, because I occasionally get them in the morning, too.

It’s basically to eliminate liability and a potential MAUDE report if someone is found dead or unconscious with the pump still happily forcing insulin into them.

The reason you’re seeing it more often now is precisely because you have got your settings worked out and Control-IQ is handling the rest. Because you’re not interacting with the pump as much, you’re seeing the dead man’s alarm.

I think I’ve got mine set to 15 hours.

Ok thanks I’ll increase it. But I’m guessing just checking it is not enough. I don’t need to do 123 to just look at the glucose readings. Maybe that’s the issue

I have the “Auto-off” completely turned off on my pump on the recommendation of my pump trainer since I’m on Control IQ.