Tandem T-Slim X2 infusion sets

I started using the Tandem T-Slim X2 4 or 5 months ago, after 18 years on a Medtronic Paradigm. I used the Quicksets, and rarely had an issue. Now I’m having a horrendous time with the Autosoft XC sets, with high blood sugars (with repeated boluses to bring them down, with little effect) followed by lows that last for hours – even overnight. Then, rinse and repeat. I am not using CIQ because I’m on the G7 CGM, which is sounding alerts half the day as I experience ups and downs. I’m about ready to scratch the pump and return to my old Paradigm 515, or start on a multiple injection routine. Has anyone else had this experience?

Not me, could you post everything you do when changing the set? There may be something missing.

It sounds like you still have air in cartridge. I also came from Medtronic, and the most valuable thing I learned regarding their cartridges is removing the air prior to adding insulin. I had the same issues you are having until that time.

My bolus carb ratios went down, but that isn’t really to do with your question.

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I never had luck with spring loaded infusion sets esp the ones that go in at 90 degrees. I use the ones I can put in manually at a steep angle. Vari soft for the tandem users and silhouette for Medtronic people. I use 6mm cannula because it’s less likely to kink.

The other benefit is that there is a small window on the set and you can see if it’s still in, if u are exercising or if it gets pulled, you can actually see if it’s in or not.

Mostly when you do it manually, you can feel if you are entering a vein, and abort, there is no snap, just easy push just like taking an injection. So you can avoid gushers or that sting you get when it’s in a vein.

It’s especially good for lean people who don’t have enough fat to handle the 90 degrees, that’s why I started using them, I’m sure I have enough fat now, but I still think they are a better choice.

I have almost no site failures with this method.

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This may be due to cannula getting bent on insert, and doesn’t penetrate skin fully. I pinch up skin on insert, and no longer have issue.

Another tip is to gently twist the cannula cover and gently remove cover straight out.

Thank you so much for your detailed response! The sensors (G7) have been quite accurate, and I make sure to insert the new sensor hours before the previous one ends, and then I compare the numbers when I switch from one to the other. (I occasionally confirm readings with fingerstick, as well.). I got my hands on one single Tru-steel, and I’m moving it around to a different site every time my BS starts escalating inexplicably. That seems to be working! I’m awaiting receipt of an assortment of sample infusion sets with different lengths of catheters and needles from Tandem, so that I can place a meaningful order at the end of the month. My doctor has upped my prescription to one set a day. I know that I can’t keep moving this single TruSteel around as needed, so I’m about to try some Varisofts that at left over from when I first received the pump and supplies. They didn’t work satisfactorily, but that’s all I have left until I receive my samples!

Thanks. I’ll try that.

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