Longer lasting infusion sets?


I have been using a pump for a pretty long time, and used to never have trouble with how long my infusion sets lasted. Recently I have only been able to get about 1.5 days of wear out of an infusion set before they suddenly start to not work as well (blood sugar steadily rises during basal periods, boluses take longer to work and are less effective). I used to be able to get at least 3 days or longer out of a set (i would forget to change it for 5 days sometimes). It could have also been that I never noticed because I wasn’t on top of my blood sugars as much until more recent years. I was using Ultraflex infusion sets, but since recently getting the t:slim X2, i have been using the t:90 sets (9mm cannula). I went back to the ultraflex once to see if it might just be the t:90s, but I only got a little more wear time out of it.

Does anyone have any experience with this issue, and what other infusion sets might you recommend that might not have to be changed as often? It is getting frustrating having my blood sugars spike in the middle of the day 1.5 days after inserting a new site. I would prefer something with a soft cannula and 90 degree insertion angle, also preferably with some sort of inserter device. Also it would need to use a luer lock connection.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Wish I could help. I am having the same issue. I also use the ultra flex. If I get 2 and a half days it’s a major accomplishment. I have always practiced good site rotation. It is frustrating when a set just quits working. Should be able to get some help here.

Same problems here. Wish I had an answer for you. If you figure something out, please post!

Have you tried an angled infusion set? I use the Silhouette on my Medtronic which I think is equivalent to the t:30 set. It inserts at a 45-degree or so angle and I find is more reliable than when I was using a 90-degree set. Also you might have scar tissue build-up from leaving sets in so long. I would do the same thing for my first 6 years of pumping, leaving sets in sometimes as long as 7 days if they were working. I totally wrecked my abdomen and there are areas I just can’t use effectively anymore. I suggest trying other areas than where you are using if you’re able to and haven’t already.


I was thinking along the same lines. It may not be your infusion sets causing this problem; it may be your infusion sites. I think it’s well worth trying an angled infusion set. You could also use one with a longer cannula like 9mm instead of 6mm for the 90 degree sets.

Another tactic is to explore some alternate infusion sites, especially sites that have never been used before. Instead if using the abdomen, you could perhaps try the love handle area if you haven’t already.


The thought of the angled sites kinda makes me cringe, i feel like they would be very painful to insert…

I have expanded the areas I use a lot more than I used to. I used to only put them in the same relative areas on each side of my stomach, but now, especially with also having the Dexcom on too, I use areas I have never used before. The funny thing is, it is the areas that are relatively new to being used that seem to fail the quickest. I will try the love handle area for a while and see how that works out.

As to the cannula length, i am already using the 9mm, so I have few if any options to go longer.

I’ve had better success with NovoLog than I did with Humalog or Apidra. What insulin are you using?

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I spent 11 years on 90 degree sets and just put in my first angled set (minimed silhouette) this morning, with an inserter. I felt LESS when the needle went in.

I hope this doesn’t come across as an indelicate question, but what is your body type? If you are thin you may need to actually try a SHORTER cannula, or an angled one. I’m a stick, so I had used 6mm sets when I used 90 degree ones. But I started having more and more sites go bad and crimped cannulas so I decided to give the silhouette a try and halfway through Day 1 I love it.

I am using Humalog, which is what I have been using forever. I have only used Novolog once, but back then i don’t think I would have noticed any difference.

Did you use the silhouette inserter device? I have had less pain since using the t:90 that has a builtin inserter device, kinda like the Minimed Mio. (Actually, they are about the same thing really). AS to body type, i am pretty average, so I am not at risk of being too thin lol. Do the angled sets work for people with thicker skin and some fat on them?

I did use the inserter and it went just fine. I wouldn’t think people with more fat would have issues, as at a 45 degree angle but a longer cannula, the depth is essentially the same (think right triangle)

I’ve used all of the rapid insulins. Each of them very many times.

I am not saying NovoLog is necessarily the fix, but what I am saying is that in all the day-3 bombs I have seen, it has never happened with NovoLog, only with Humalog or Apidra…

Worth a try.

I will try to look into it, I say try because my endo is one who doesn’t feel like there is much of any difference between any rapid acting insulin so he will probably just say it’s not worth investigating. But I might be wrong, he might give a sample at least.

I have experimented with using my love handle area for a site, and I didn’t see any difference really. I MIGHT have gotten 2 days instead of 1.5, but it was hard to tell. I thought at first that i hadn’t bolused enough for my food, but then after being high all night and no amount of correction bolus actually making a difference, it was clear that the site had stopped working effectively.

While I haven’t tried any different brands of insulin yet, I did want to update and say that for the past few weeks I have been experimenting using some leftover Ultraflex sets. I have consistently been able to get 3 days on each set, minus one or two, and in any site location on my stomach I have tried. So that tells me it is an issue with the t:90 sets more than anything.

I am hoping I can find a different Tandem set that will work for me because they are apparently moving towards using a proprietary connector instead of the leur lock. I might try the angled sets, though I do have some fat on my stomach area so I am not sure how well they would work.

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Are you still using the silhouette infusionsets? I have been hitting alot of veins recently. The worst is when it happens during the night. I am using sure ts right now. I would like to give the silhouettes a try. I am lean. What do you think.