Tandem T:slim X2 syringe

I just got a Tandem T:slim X2 insulin pump and the supplies came today but did not include a syringe to prefull the cartridge. Does anyone know is there a specific Tandem syringe that I need to prefill these or can I use any syringe? If I need a specific syringe, what is it called? I called the medical supply company and they said that Tandem does not make a syringe to fill this pump but the Tandem representative told me they do??? Anybody able to help? Thank you.

There is nothing special about the syringe they provide.
It usually comes in the box with their cartridges along with a needle for each syringe.

I get my Tandem supplies for Byram and the syringes come in the box with the insulin pump cartridges too. I’m on Medicare and I’m not sure if that has any effect on them being included in my order. I would call Tandem Tech Support and/or your DME supplier. My Tandem cartridge box has a divider in it, where the syringes and needles are adjacent to cartridges on the right side of the box.

Thank you. I never thought of that! Yes, they are in there! Now, it seemed like a ridiculous question. Thank you!

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If syringes didn’t come in the box of cartridges, I don’t think a specific syringe is needed. Just be sure not to try to put more than 3 ml of insulin in the cartridge. I also find it helpful to try to pull air out of the cartridge before filling as sometimes there’s a little bit of air in the empty cartridge.

I pull air TWICE from the cartridge.
First time is with the empty syringe.
After I fill the syringe, I put the needle in the cartridge, pull the plunger all the way out, tap the syringe a number of times until ALL of the small bubbles rise to the top. Then push the insulin in.
I do not get any occlusions by doing it this way.

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