Tandem Tslim X2 installment plans?


I’m planning on getting a Tandem pump (have an old Medtronic now), but am wondering if anyone might know if they offer installment plans for the part that my deductible wouldn’t cover? (Mine is $2500 so there will be a sizable OOP portion). I tried to find info online but not much out there.

Thank you!

I know that they offer payment plans for those paying cash directly from them, and I don’t know the sure, but I would guess that they’d do the same for co-pays. The problem is, not many insurance companies allow you to buy directly from the manufacturer. Most want you to get your products through a DME distributor. So it’s that distributor you would owe the balance to, not Tandem. So Tandem can’t really help you with that.

Your best bet is to call Tandem sales and ask them to do a benefits check. They’ll be able to tell you it they can fulfill your order directly, or if not, which DME suppliers you can use. Once you know your options, you can call around and see who offers payment plans. Or maybe do a little internet research on the companies.

You would first need to know who is supplier for pump, and see what options they offer. Each insurance plan is different.

I got new Tandem last year from CCS Med, and they would not ship pump and first 3 month supply until they charged my credit card, full amount.
Whichever supplier is providing pump that works with your insurance may offer payment schedule.

My insurance company deals with them directly, I have a 20 percent copay. But my insurance company gets a discount which I get all of so my copay is more like 9 percent.
It works much better for me to go through my insurer.

Not all are set up that way.

Thanks all for your answers! They were very helpful in letting me know what to expect. I have Tandem running a benefits check right now to see how it will go, but am also looking into Omnipods on the advice of an educator. (My dme deductible sucks but my pharmacy benefits are good, hmmm lol). Nice to have options! :smiley:

Much appreciated, Kate

Just decide if you don’t need the looping algorithm or what you want. There is a way yo do a dyi looping with dexcom.
I haven’t ever done that but a lot of people swear by it.
I’m happy with my dexcom so I haven’t looked into it.

I purchased my Tandem X2 through Edgepark and they are allowing me to make monthly payments

I ended up getting the Tandem, and am making monthly payments somewhere around $100 if I recall correctly. (I think it’s directly through Tandem). Overall good experience and am liking the closed loop a lot! :smiley: