How's it going?

For those using the TSlim, how's it going?
What specifically do you like more or less than previous pumps you've worn?

For those in waiting with the whole insurance and distributor issues, how is that going?

I have that issue every year when my insurance company switches at work, regardless of the brand of pump I use. I HATE that!!!

Thanks for the updates! I want to call to order but I'm relying on info gathering online before proceeding...

I submitted my paperwork the end of August and I'm still waiting. There has been a lot of frustration with insurance but we are still working on it. It is a new company and the insurance companies aren't so willing to go with the new guy. My insurance company is considering Tandem to be an "out of network" situation so I am fighting that. If they won't change the status to "in network" I would have to pay $2,000 as my portion...which isn't going to happen. I would then be forced to go with another pump.

I'll let you know what the outcome is.

If your insurance is calling Tandem out of network, that would mean that you have to go through a distributor covered by your insurance. Tandem is out of network for me also, I went through Edgepark to get mine and since my deductible was down to zero for the year they covered it 100% along with supplies. Good luck, I would check with your insurance to see who the distributor is that they work with. hope this helps.

I'm also waiting for more feedback

Ive met my out of pocket max and so any pump would be zero cost to me
the Tslim is the leading contender
On one hand Im on the fence waiting for a CGMS integrated pump but then
the only options on the horizon are
Minimed - NEVER - cant stand the way the company manipulates its customers and the way they sued cozmo out of the market
Tandem - waiting for feedback
Animas - cartridge is too small - prefer 300 units

Also would LOVE it if another pump company integrated the meter into the pump like cozmo- yes it makes it a little thicker BUT the net reduction in crap to carry and the fact that the BG is automatically in the pump history is more than worth it

Doug, Accu-Chek's Combo pump is worth a look. The remote has an integrated meter and allows tucking away pump/tubing and operating the pump via the remote-meter like Animas. But unlike Animas, the reservoir holds 315 units. I know it isn't rational but I agree with your anti-Minimed sentiments! The Tslim strikes me as Cozmo-ish in its user-oriented design, so maybe that is your best option at this time.

I've had mine since they released them and havent had any problems. They are now sending them through Edgepark which is nice. My bs has been under great control and I hope this is reflected in my A1C lol

Don- Thanks for the reply
BUT my goal is to reduce the size/weight of the stuff I have to carry around

I think EVERY meter on the market is smaller than the Combo remote

My anti minimed sentiment is totally rational - seen them take advantage of too many current and prospective customers...

My situation is similar to Kat1997's. I called Tandem, they called my insurance then called and set me up with "Diabetes specialty center." They called and the next day (yesterday) I received the cartriges but the pump is shipping from somewhere else and I'm still waiting on that. Totally excited.

Doug- I have a Combo meter and it isn't too different in size than any other meter besides the One Touch Mini and the Accu-Chek Nano. One Touch Ultra 2, One Touch Link, AC Aviva, etc are all approx the same size as the combo. I have fit my Combo meter in all the cases to these meters..