Tanning bed

Dr ordered tanning bed for extreme low vit D… I have tanned before with my omnipod but what about my Dexcom CGM… Stand up tanning bed ok with sensor?

i have a friend, who tans for the, same thing, she, ues a, Stand up tanning bed, & her sensor is ok,.

I am in utter shock to hear that a physician advised you to use a tanning bed to raise your Vitamin D level. 50,000 I.U. of Vitamin D3 given once weekly for 8 weeks, followed by 1000 to 4000 I.U. daily as a maintenance dose does not increase your risk of skin cancer like using a tanning bed does…


i only been, in med school for about a week, but I’m with rgcainmd, i had to ask my aunt, if i was seeing it right, but to ues a tanning bed, to raise yours Vitamin D, is a First, i’m on Vitamin D, pills for my,.

Tanning beds have been banned in Australia, take the pills


You’re in med school?

I’m, studying, to be a, Physician Assistant, so for the next 3 years, the, University of Washington, is my new home,.

Cool, my wife has done some of her graduate studies at UW. I’m told it’s a good school.

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cool, i love it here,. & it is a, good school.

yes I am on Vit D and still very low. Tanning bed actually does help.

So would a higher dose of Vitamin D3. WITHOUT the tanning bed! Why do you want the very real risk of skin cancer with a tanning bed (not to mention the premature aging of your skin) when you simply do not need to do this?

so tanning, make yours skin, age, ?.