Tapping on xmitter got readings flowing again. Cause?

I had about 90 minutes of no data (I was so sleepy, not sure if there was ??? but I don’t recall seeing that). I eventually woke up enough to tap on the xmitter repeatedly. Within about 5 minutes I got readings and continued uninterrupted for the next 6 hours til I changed out the sensor (didn’t fully trust it at this point).

Tech support had a hard time giving me the root cause since I couldn’t even tell them if there were ??? when it happened.

My question to them was could tapping improve the connection from xmitter to sensor and they said no. they thought the cause could be either “out of range” or sensor got moved a tiny bit from a bad spot (muscle, scar tissue) to a good spot but it had been working fine for 7+days.


I’ve tried the tapping trick a couple of times but haven’t found it works for me. Maybe I don’t tap hard enough, being afraid to crack the transmitter.

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I have restored readings by removing the transmitter from the sensor pod and thoroughly drying the transmitter round silver colored contacts on its bottom side and the sensor contacts to which it mates. When reseating the sensor it’s important to visually verify, directly or with a mirror, that both of the release tab arms are repositioned and holding the transmitter properly.

Your tapping may have electrically reconnected the transmitter/sensor and caused the readings to display again. Since the Dexcom system depends on tiny flows of electrical current from the subcutaneous sensor up to the sensor/transmitter contact, even a small resistance like metal oxidation or soapy water at this junction may block the signal current.


Maybe out of wishful thinking, I have done similar tapping/jiggling of the transmitter when I get bad data or ???. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not.