TB VACCINE reverses T1 diabetes!, another vaccine story, makes me wonder

I have been seeing stories like this for a long time.
This one from September that somehow got past me until now.
It seems like something like this would be easy to test out.
It is already approved by the FDA, They would only need to get volunteers.

Then at least we would know.


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So did they find a cure? Technically

Technically, no. Although, Dr. Faustman's research is some of the most promising ever. Like most genius visionaries, her work is highly criticized-- but I hope she may be on the right track. I've tried to sign up for her trials, haven't found the right track to do so appearantly... but at least she's working hard on the matter

I think this article certainly is positive, but this is the very early stages of Dr. Faustman's research. In her latest study that was just published she admitted 6 patients, 2 recieved BCG and 4 recieved a placebo. She is just trying to figure out if her ideas are even plausible in people. Her next step is likely to try to determine some type of dosing that may be reasonable or adequate and what the risk are. This will involve many volunteers and a good length of time to get enough data.

Doctors are not supposed to prescribe a drug for use in a way that has not been approved by the FDA, or a TB vaccine being used to treat T1D. Her team needs to get a waiver to use the drug for research purposes in a non-approved way. Also, if she is successful and can prove that a BCG treatment will help T1D (maybe not even cure). Then she will have to work with another entitiy to provide all the necessary tests for FDA approval. This is still an early stage of the research, but these results show some promise.

That being said I have wondered if I can go to Mexico and buy BCG over the counter and do my own tests?

I enrolled in this trial in 2009 --- they've drawn several gallons of blood from me, I think. Another poster here - Brunetta - is also in the trial.

i have no idea why you haven't been able to get in the trial....it was really easy for me, and I know they are still enrolling participants. If I had to use a single word to describe Dr. Faustman, it would be 'delightful'.

She is passionate about the trial, and she truly believes she can fix our immune systems. I talked to her for almost an hour when I first went. I will always regret not taking a tape recorder.

I am skeptical, but hopeful at the same time. When I enrolled, I was living just outside of Boston. I've since moved back home to Colorado, and it's a little tougher to get back east. I had an appt. at the lab in Oct, but I had to reschedule for next summer.

Go back to her website and see if you can sign up.


There's a guy on another forum I visit that got BCG in Europe. He took massive doses, but I don't think it's done much for him. I think he's kind of crazy, though. I wouldn't do what he's done. He had some problems. I prefer doing it under supervision.


I think those positive outcomes where very small, nothing to prompt for a cure ....

I find this other article more toward a cure:

Thanks for that link. One of the things I found interesting in that article was a link from 2 1/2 years ago that - again - claims a cure in mice. That link is here: curing mice.

My gosh... sometimes I wish I was a mouse.


Yes, but now they are in trial phase 1-2 on humans, they used nanoparticles on mouses just as first test and that was good.

Anyway I agree, mouse is not a different kind of man ;-)