New info I found

I just wanted to share this with everyone. I found some new info on tests they are doing on people to possibly try and cure diabetes using the TB Vaccine. It’s an interesting article and its pretty recent too, dated April 2008. Not sure if anyone else has read this yet but heres the link.

Thanks for sharing this link Tony! I hadn’t seen this article, but I find Dr. Faustman’s research to be THE BEST HOPE for a cure for Type 1 diabetes :slight_smile:

Many in this community do!!

Bernard has some great blog posts about it… if you want to check them out.

Very interesting article Tony - thanks for posting the link to it. Now, do you think we can get Dr. Faustman to give us a heads up when she is ready for human volunteers? :wink:

Here is another article on the same thing, it has more on the human testing part. It says if the treatment works and everything goes well in the human trials then it could be approved for ordinary patients with type 1 diabetes in 4 years.

If it’s already an approved vaccine you would think they would start it right away~ What could it hurt?? If nothing else, you would be vaccinated against TB…I wonder how many people who have had a TB vaccine have gone on to develop T1 diabetes…

I have another question: can you go to a Dr. or Health Department and just ask for a TB vaccine or do there need to be risk factors involved; for instance, required for job etc.

Thanks for the info Tony! Now where’s the line to sign up?? haha

BTW I think you forgot the link for the other article…If you can find it, could you please repost?

Thanks again

Oh ya I forgot the link to the other article. Here it is

And heres some more info on the study


I’ve met Dr. Faustman a few times and if anyone is going to figure out a cure I’ll bet it’s her.

A large number of us have been raising money to support her research. I’ve raised $18,000 the last two years and the advertising money from my diabetes search tool goes to her.

I was just wondering about a few things.
Can you get the TB vaccine in the US? And for the trials on humans are they just giving the people shots of the TB vaccine and seeing if it works, or are they doing something more?

‘I wonder how many people who have had a TB vaccine have gone on to develop T1 diabetes…’

Until very recently, almost all 13 year olds had a BCG in the UK. Quite a lot must have gone on to develop type 1.