TCOYD is having a session on LADA Diagnosed with Type 1 as an Adult

Okay, it's progress! Steve Edelman's Taking Control of Your Diabetes (TCOYD), at the November 8 meeting in San Diego (, is having a session on LADA: Diagnosed with Type 1 as an Adult. How great is that?! A while back, I wrote to Steve Edelman and pointed out the vast numbers of adult-onset Type 1, that at the time even he, at his TCOYD conferences, was ignoring. Dr. Edelman wrote back a very kind note, and I have noticed more and more mention of adult-onset T1D at TCOYD. And now this!

Our TuD founder, Manny Hernandez (also diagnosed with Type 1 as an adult), is part of a panel discussion in that same workshop time, of course on "Your Online Support: Resources and Apps."


that's great Melitta! I think YOU should be on one of these panel discussions. You've been a fantastic advocate for LADAs here, I am always linking those who suspect they may have been misdiagnosed as type2 to your blogs.

Thanks, Marie! I am grateful that you immediately greet people and provide resources--that is so great! Some day, we can hope that I will be "out of business" (i.e., everyone is getting correctly diagnosed so my blogs are archaic). Things certainly are better now, there's so much more recognition of adult-onset Type 1, but so many continue to be misdiagnosed.