TCOYD San Diego 2009: The best diabetes conference I have ever attended!

I don’t feel I am exagerating when I say the TCOYD Conference in San Diego I am coming back from now is hands down the best diabetes conference I have ever been to. So I want to thank TCOYD for putting together this and all their events and for letting us have a booth in it.

There were many things that made the conference so great for me:

  1. The TuDiabetes people: some INCREDIBLE volunteers helped run the Diabetes Hands Foundation booth. We counted with the support of Dino, Cherise, Rebecca and Kenny throughout the day. I was so glad to also meet at least 5 other members, from both TuDiabetes and EsTuDiabetes. George and Glucose Girl were among them.
  2. The other groups that had booths: in particular, the folks @ Insulindependence, Racing Against Diabetes and Diabuddies (they’ve created a group here).
  3. Meeting SO many people motivated to Take Control of their Diabetes! We met a lot of people with type 2 diabetes and a very good number of people with type 1 too. We also had the chance to introduce a fair share of type 3’s and CDE’s/RN’s to the site. We look forward to seeing them join the community in the coming days.
  4. The great many talks that attendees could go to. I didn’t get a chance to do it this time, but in Santa Clara a couple of weeks ago I heard three amazing speakers touch on a series of topics that brought back home some very important points about diabetes management.

Here is a little slideshow that contains the photos taken with my camera (er… phone) at the event. If you took any pictures, make sure to tag then as TCOYD, so they show up on this page:

Loved putting a real face and warm hugglies to the TuD and twitter fam I have :slight_smile: Gotta do this again!

Damn. I’m sorry I missed it.

Thanks for sharing, and great pictures. Wish I could have been there!

That looked awesome!!!

Great Pic’s!! Excellent Event!!!

The pictures all make me smile. It must have been a thrill to meet so many up close and IN PERSON! Thanks for sharing the experience. Whenever there’s an event in CT, let me know!!! Lo

DANG totally bummed I missed it!! I SOOO want to go to the next one!
SUPER excited that it was such a success!!!

Since I had such a busy weekend and I’m still not finishing running around… I plan to write a blog about my day as well! However, for now—let me say, I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED ATTENDING THIS EVENT BECAUSE IT HAS BEEN UPBEAT AND INFORMATIVE!!

This year, it was a different feeling for me, due to the fact that I got to “work” in the Health Fair area. I loved meeting Manny in person (you’re awesome, dude!), Jenny (can’t stop laughing at the shirt…), and being inspired by R.A.D.–Terry a)nd Pat—in fact, I’m thinking of starting a chapter here in L.A. because of them!!! (I sooo need to exercise again!). Cherise, as always it was good to share a hug and see you–you look well! and it was nice to meet Dino and George (?Did I remember your name , right?). Anyway, this is why I have encouraged so many people to come to this event—it’s been here in L.A. twice and maybe it will come again.

It was also impressive that according to the cofounder, Dr. Steve Edelman, in his final speech of that day, that there have been 110 of these conferences across the U.S.A. and he has been to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!!! blog later… Rebecca [:smiley:

Great post, great pictures, wish I was there :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing.