TCOYD Conferences

To those that have been, what are the conferences like? Is there a typical schedule? Did you find the experience to be overall beneficial?


I haven’t been to one yet, would love to go! Dino and Jaimie Hernandez went to the one in San Diego; listening to them talk about the confrence made me want to go even more. You can visit their pages on TuD, ask them plenty of questions:) they’ll respond.
If you decide to go to the confrence, please post our thoughts and experience.


I’ve attended one TCOYD conference and thought it was very worthwhile (and inexpensive!) for a full day of presentations, workshops, and product booths. There are large-scale opening and closing presentations with a few key presenters at each. Then you can choose from a series of shorter sessions, which range from “going on insulin as a type 2” to “what’s new in continuous glucose monitors?”

It’s always invigorating to be around hundreds of people living with your disease. I was also pleased to see many health-care providers in education sessions.

If you’re an intensely-managed type 1, you probably won’t find as much of specifc interest, although each event differs a bit depending on the regional experts who present.

If you’re newly diagnosed or you’ve had any type of diabetes for a long time and haven’t changed your food/activity/monitoring/meds routines for years, it’s a great way to remind yourself of the most important elements of self-care and how to achieve the level of control YOU want.

TCOYD does a great job of reaching out to both type 2s and type 1s, which I appreciate. The fine people who run the non-profit care deeply about spreading diabetes awareness–and knowledge that helps people live well. Kudos to them–and the regional volunteers who make each event happen!