Teaching, type 1 and pregnancy

Are there any full-time teachers out there who have type 1 and are currently pregnant, or have been pregnant? How do/did you cope?
I just found out I am pregnant (4 weeks, planned pregnancy) and currently it's the holidays, but I find the prospect of going back to school in a week really daunting.
I am currently testing up top 15 times a day and actually finding it really hard to control my BG levels, I have loads of hypos but also high readings that I then need to correct. I have no idea how I will be able do all this when back in school as I normally barely have time to go to the loo! I teach full time secondary school, and what with lessons, meetings, detentions, duties etc etc and never a moment to myself and always kids around I honestly don't know how I will be able to manage....
Really worried as I don't want to put my pregnancy or baby at risk.
Anyone got experience with this?

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