Team Type 2

Welcome to the Team! Have type 2, and want to take control, then join up with TT2 and use diet, exercise, and the tools to take control. Strive for 6.5!

Hey, Phil! Thanks for starting the group here on TuD!

the best group to belong to , a FAMILY all it’s own

is there a team type 2 website? or is it just blocked at my work?

any philly area runners/cyclist trigeeks? I’m starting my tri training this week and am looking for other suckers er I mean training partners to do long runs/rides with

ok what’s good people? for me I’m finally feeling better and running again!!

how goes it? just finish my B+ goal for the year and did well but have been kinds blocked by work, family stress, and a sore foot. hopefully will be the day thigns turn around.

Hi all, New as of a few minutes ago.Howcome when I click onto the website it directs me to Team Type 1?

Team Type 2 is part of the Team Type 1 World. Scroll around the website and you’ll find several teams that “fly” under the TT1 banner.

TT1 and TT2 share the Web site. Click on the “teams” page and then you get access to TT2 roster and stuff. TT1 is an umbrella group for all of the TT1 based teams and the TT2 team.

Just finished watching Liege-Bastogne-Liege, and I saw several Team Type1 rides. It is encouraging seeing the success of the team. So what is Team Type 2 up to these days? I have been trying to figure out if there are any TT2 events around the Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa area?
Are there any rider from this part of the country?

I found this group on Facebook also. Do you know if they are putting a RAAM team together this year?

Any Illinois / Chicago folks? In general, is this an active (pardon the pun) group? Cycling is doing me world's of good - have to support what works!

There’s an occasional person who shows up at an event in TT2 kit, but I’m not sure there’s been a specific event since the 2010 RAAM. TT2 still exists under TT1’s new organization (Team Novo Nordisk), but there’s not much more about it on the new website.