Team Type 1 - cyclists with type 1 and LADA

I have been a growing fan of cycling for several years, but just learned about Team Type 1, a professional cycling team comprised of many athletes with diabetes, with a primary goal of someday riding in the Tour De France. They are best known for victories in the Ride Across America race and have expanded to include Team Type 2 as well as a triathalon team. I found this inspiring and hope some others will be inspired to support/join their efforts as well.

This is posted in a few other sections on here, but just in case you haven’t seen it here it is:

Thanks Kenneth, I hadn’t see that. I am just hoping to help build some support from our community, it would be so cool to see Team Type 1 in the Tour someday.

That will be great when that happens. Thank you for bringing this team to my attention.

I got to meet several of the team members this past May. Check my blog around 25 may for pix and rundown…

That is awesome!! I love stuff like this!! Knowledge is power! These are the people that can raise awareness in places it might not have been before :slight_smile:

It is very cool. I hope to watch them race if they ever come to my area. With Lance Armstrong again increasing interest in cycling TT1 is gaining popularity at the right time. Heck, I am inspired to dust off my old ten speed and go for a spin!